Working with our values – Recruiting carers new to care

Published: 22/05/2019

At Bluebird Care, we believe that our care workers not only have the essential skills needed for this role, but also a natural capacity for caring. This blog takes you through the experiences of two carers that have joined Bluebird Care Wakefield and are new to care...

Tamara has always worked in a caring role, from animal care to children and caring for family members.
‘I am finding this a very rewarding job and can say that it is a good career choice and feel there are opportunities for further training and qualifications – I am being supported with my career journey in being the best I can be.  I also feel that at Bluebird Care everyone works together supporting each other to ensure we deliver the best of care
Leaha applied as she heard about the role from a current employee and was keen to get back into work after being a ‘stay at home mum’
Leaha frankly and honestly shares her thoughts
‘‘It turns out I really enjoy the role, a bonus in my eyes.  The team is very understanding in terms of rostering and bearing in mind that I have children.  To date I have gained a lot of experience and this in turn has given me confidence to progress my career.  Looking forward I would love to possibly go back to college to take on greater responsibility and grow in the Bluebird care business”
Both Tamara and Leaha have demonstrated in a very short space of time the difference a good care worker can make through their compassion and caring and nurturing attitude.  They are driven by their desire to make a difference in the community
‘seeing a customer smile when you have assisted them to be independent is very rewarding’ (Tamara)
‘’being able to see how much of a difference you can actually make by finding ways to check you are meeting the needs of the customers by taking time to address the little things, such as how they like their tea to how they like to dress’ (Leaha)
Tamara shares her experiences of supporting a customer on a regular basis
‘ we have a key team that supports this customer and as a new carer to the team I have learnt so much through my shadowing and observations.  I have learnt the importance of understanding her as much about this customer, her family, her beliefs, her way of doing things so that when I am supporting and caring for her I am able build this into my conversations and routine.
Leaha talks about a customer she supports that lives with dementia
‘this customer always smiles when I enter and I am confident that he recognizes me as someone that provides support – he may not always remember my name but as I grow in my understanding of dementia I understand why this is. There are some difficult days whereby he can become agitated and confused and I have begun to look at ways in which I can overcome this.  One of the key approaches I take every day is to see how he is and then I usually start by talking about his paintings and art work he has created.  I think with this customer it is the relationship with his family that has helped us to better understand him’
There is a certain misconception about homecare.  People think this is a service just for older people. It is also important for family members to get that bit if support and respite.  They are very appreciative of the support and it helps everyone’s family dynamics.  Families have shared over the years that they feel safe and secure in the knowledge that we are there to support them.
Tea and chats become important – a listening ear and a non-judgemental voice and being part of their lives. You are a support network for the entire family.
“I would certainly recommend to anyone considering going into homecare to join Bluebird Care as they will find a working week that will suit your own personal life. They will also help you progress and encourage you to get more training which they provide on-the-job.
“Getting my job with Bluebird Care gave me great confidence and also gave me a new sense of myself after being at home raising my children for those years. I am now making a difference to my customers and to my own family. I’m also happier within myself.”
It is important to note that this blog could have been written by all our care workers as at Bluebird Care we have created a ‘culture of care’, leading to a higher quality service being delivered to our customers.