Published: 22/05/2019

The hosting of the above event presents a huge challenge for the city with potentially significant disruption to all areas of the city and also surrounding areas. There are significant road closures in central Cardiff which will have a significant impact on the way we run our service. Please read on for more information regarding this event.

The road closures and the increased traffic will undoubtedly cause difficulties for our Care staff during the days leading up to the event and possibly for the day after, and we ask for your patience and understanding during this time. Travelling time for our Carers between visits are likely to be affected.  

It is anticipated that the event activities from 1st June to 4th June will create disruption to travel (roads, rail, buses, on foot) with potential to more than double the usual travel time to and from calls if not longer at times over the 4 day period and in particular on Saturday 3rd June.

We are working closely with the Adult Services department within Cardiff City Council in order to minimise the disruption to our staff and customers.  We are doing this by carefully planning our work during the days leading up to the event and during the event itself. With this in mind, Bluebird Care (Cardiff South & The Vale) are in the process of planning our service around this time in order to ensure effective service delivery and minimal disruption during what will be one of the largest global events of 2017 and the biggest event ever held in Wales and its Capital City.

For more information please visit the FA Wales official website using the link below: