10/10 - Our 10 year anniversary!

We had the pleasure of celebrating our 10-year anniversary, where our staff, customers and the local community all came together under one roof to celebrate and be a part of our journey.


We had the pleasure of celebrating our 10-year anniversary, where our staff, customers and the local community all came together under one roof to celebrate and be a part of our journey.

What a day!

On Tuesday 14th September 2021, we had the pleasure of celebrating our 10-year anniversary! It was a lovely day where our staff, customers and the local community all came together under one roof to celebrate and be a part of our Bluebird Care Trafford journey. The day was filled with various zones where you could have the opportunity to experience some relaxation therapy head and hand massages with aromatic lavender oil, experience the sensory zone where you could find many fascinating objects to wow you, and a cinema room for you to chill and eat popcorn in.

‘It was nice to celebrate as a team together, seeing the customers come to the office… having that buzz vibe back, especially with all that’s going on with covid. The food was great. It was quite a relaxing day, everything felt taken care of.’


Throughout the day, there was a photographer going around capturing the smiles and faces of the people who make up Bluebird Care Trafford, adding to our lasting-legacy piece of art that we will cherish for decades to come! There was plenty of food to tickle your fancy, with a continental breakfast bar and a wonderful selection of meats, cheeses, and breads to make up a wonderful cold buffet for lunch! For afters… there was a lovely choice of cakes, treats and chocolate which was bound to leave you feeling happily satisfied. There were NNEB (National Nursery Examination Board) nannies who were there to take care of the children on the day, giving parents and carers the chance to just take a load off to relax and enjoy all what we had in store for them.

‘It was such a special day, I really felt like I connected with some wonderful people with loads of stories to tell! I really enjoyed the whole day, and of course I enjoyed getting my head and hands massaged!’


Our Company Director Ian Helsby gave a heart-warming speech shedding light on the fantastic achievements Bluebird Care Trafford has managed to achieve over the last 10 years and how we have high hopes and big dreams for the 10 years ahead. Ian Helsby said “We have reached an absolute milestone and in the most difficult period in recent history, and we want to reward our colleagues for all their hard work, not just over the last 18 months during the pandemic, but over the last ten years within our community. Our colleagues have had an exceptional 18 months of work supporting children and adults in our local Trafford & Salford communities with their day-to-day care during the most difficult economic period since WW2”.

Hale resident Ian purchased and launched the Bluebird Care Trafford franchise with just a single desk and a mobile phone and laptop in 2011 after witnessing first-hand the variable local care provision for his mother and father at home in Timperley both of whom passed away with cancer.  Supporting customers of all ages to remain at home by delivering exceptional care at home, has become the mission of Bluebird Care Trafford. Ian says, ‘we have grown out of all recognition over the last ten years and eagerly anticipate further excellent growth in the next ten, having just signed a new licence extension with Bluebird Care Franchises until at least 2031. We have been a major contributor to the local Trafford economy, creating almost 80 new permanent careers in care and paying more than £4.7M in staff wages and more than £1M in tax and national insurance to HMRC. We have also spent over £3.7M with our very valuable supplier partners, many of whom are local and within Greater Manchester. We have excellent bright smart new premises on Altrincham Business Park in Broadheath since early 2020, with more than 3,700 sq. ft available for the very exciting developments we have planned’. In fact, in the last ten years, just under 1,500 customers have benefitted from receiving exceptional care and support by Bluebird Care to allow them to remain in their own homes, aged from just 3 months to over 104. Our excellent reputation means we have a backlog of customers who are on a waiting list to receive care and we are always on the lookout for dedicated new talent to support this growth.

Coincidentally, by the end of November this year of its tenth anniversary, the company will have cumulatively turned over £10M. As you can see, the number 10 is very significant for us at Bluebird Care Trafford. We have had an excellent 10 years, and now we look forward in continuing the legacy with the next 10 years.

‘I really liked seeing the older customers who I don’t really get a chance to meet, because you hear people’s names floating about but its nice to actually see them in person.’


‘I loved that the customers came down and had the opportunity to actually see our whole faces’


‘My favourite moment of the day was when our oldest customer offered to invest into the company. It was nice to put faces to the names… and it was amazing to see the customers out and about!’


‘I enjoyed meeting the staff and customers face to face, all in one place.’


‘It was a good day, I enjoyed it… the older clients seemed to be having a blast.’


‘My favourite thing was watching one of our customer's team interact with him, and having read about him when we first got him and seeing the progress that he’s made in person that I wouldn’t have been able to experience in the office. Seeing the bond that he’s made with his care team.’


Edited by Eleanor-Grace Smith 

27th September 2021