CQC COVID-19 assessment record

Published: 30/06/2020

The CQC have recently undertaken a COVID-19 inspection, to assess the impact of COVID-19 on Bluebird Care Totton and the management of this impact.

Overall, the CQC concluded that Bluebird Care Totton "are managing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic." - they continued to write:

"Infection control products - You have an adequate supply of PPE and have at least
a month ahead of supply which is checked daily. 

Infection control practice - Staff have been provided with training. Staff wearing full PPE and social distancing. Care and treatment for COVID-19 - You have no cases of COVID-19 amongst people or staff.

Testing for COVID-19 - Staff have been tested and are negative.

Non-COVID-19 care and treatment - Safeguarding continued to be part of embedded practice. Reviews and risk assessments still being carried out either in peoples homes or telephone reviews.

Staff cover - Managing with safe staff levels. Have staff that are willing to travel across the providers services.

Staff support and training - Supporting staff with training with 4 staff members a class. Regular supervisions with staff to check wellbeing.

Management of the service - Good governance has still been in place. Supported by provider and daily meeting between managers and directors to check guidance and share best practice."