The CARES Awards

Each quarter, a dedicated member of staff, will be awarded a special gift for living and breathing one of our core Values.


Each quarter, a dedicated member of staff, will be awarded a special gift for living and breathing one of our core Values.

We are a company that really CARES and it's right that our Values should be celebrated!

The CARES Awards is an opportunity to show recognition and appreciation for all of the amazing work that our teams do as we embed our core values:


We want to identify examples of excellent practice and celebrate!

Communications Award


Claudia has worked very closely with her customer under social services. Throughout her work with him, Claudia has acted as a constant liaison between the office, hospices and well as other interested third parties related to his care and wellbeing. Claudia has been absolutely amazing and does anything and everything she can to support her customer. Working 6 days a week, Claudia communicates and acts on her customers behalf. Her strong communication skills have enabled her to build a strong relationship with him and encourages him to stay active even when having a bad day.

'I'm very proud to have Claudia as a member of the Tonbridge & Tunbridge Wells care team, her excellent communication skills are so valuable to us at the office and to her customers!' - Zoe Operations Manager

Attentive Award


Sadie's keen attention to detail has meant that she has managed to empower her customer to communicate after a history of aggression and non speaking. Sadie spends time engaging the customer, showing pictures of her dogs and with Sadie's support, the customer now laughs, smiles and talks more and more, resulting in family members recognising a change and building trust in our service. Sadie has made a huge difference to the life of her customer and the customer's husband. Initially, the customer's husband was so worried we wouldn't be able to support and provide care due to historic behaviour, but through Sadie's attentiveness, she has built a strong relationship and is seeing improvements all the time.

'Sadie's attention to detail is so valuable. I'm so proud of the work she has done and her success has improved the wellbeing of her customer!' - Clare, Operations Director

Reliability Award


Dragana's reliability and commitment to her role has served as inspiration to the team. Having never taken a day off sick. Dragana goes above and beyond each and every day and even volunteers to support on her days off. Having been with Bluebird Care for just over a year, Dragana really embodies our values and is well liked by staff and customers alike.

Being described as 'an all round good egg- she's just amazing' by Care Manager Denise, 'Dragana's dependability and reliability is commendable and we are so lucky to have her on the team.'

Congratulations Dragana!

Excel Award


Vanessa has really excelled in her role as a Live-In Care Assistant. Vanessa has worked with challenging customers in the past, but no matter what package she goes to, she always receives amazing feedback due to her dedication and kind nature.

Vanessa goes above and beyond to support her customers and their relatives and really shines when she identifies ways of engaging with them, for example, painting.

Care Manager Mel said 'When faced with a challenge, Vanessa rises to the occasion and always excels in her dedication and passion for care, she does a great job!'

Congratulations Vanessa

Safety Award


Our Live-In Care Manage, Ola, has worked really hard to ensure her Live-In Care Assistants have been keeping themselves and their customers safe. Ola ensures that all of her team have their COVID-19 tests by collecting the kits and delivering them to her team whilst in their packages across Kent by hand.
This has built confidence with customers as they know that their Care Assistants are being regularly tested and are avoiding unnecessary mixing outside of the household. Ola has also worked hard to facilitate vaccinations for Customers and Care Assistants so that we can beat the virus and keep each other sage.

Operations Manager Clare said 'I want to thank Ola for all of her hard work in ensuring the safety of our care teams and customers in the face of the pandemic.'

Congratulations Ola!

Congratulations to all of the winners, you really have embodied our values and we thank you for all of your amazing hard work.