Published: 22/05/2019

First Community Grant drawer for 2017 - to take place at the end of February

Community Grant

Bluebird Care (Teignbridge) is offering another community grant worth £250, available to benefit local charities and any other community and voluntary projects in the Teignbridge area.

Applications for the grant will be accepted from local charities and voluntary organisations in the community that can best demonstrate a need for additional support and will be allocated the funds.

‚ÄčAll organisations that apply  will be entered into a drawer, which will take place at the end of February.

Sharon Ryan, Owner of Bluebird Care (Teignbridge) says;
“As well as providing care and companionship services to people living in their own homes, We are passionate about supporting community projects and initiatives.

So many neighbourhoods thrive because of volunteers who work tirelessly to run community groups, host events and provide services that benefit others.

We feel that this work should be recognised and we would like to support it in any way that we can”.

If you or your organisation are interested in applying for the Bluebird Care (Teignbridge) community grant, please contact our team on 01626 335321 or by email