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At Bluebird Care Swindon we offer a personal, professional service to you and your family. We are determined to deliver the best possible care for every single person and are delighted when we receive positive feedback from our customers, their families and friends.

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"As my health started to deteriorate from 2013 onwards it became evident that I needed more help at home. Following a fall in France in 2017 I needed even more care and Bluebird Care Swindon came to my rescue. I am so glad I got in touch and had a visit to explore what was needed. I have both physical and mental health issues. Care was put in place as soon as mutually convenient and I soon felt less out of control. The carers at Bluebird Care Swindon are out of this world. They are honest, kind, caring and a joy to have in my life. They facilitate me doing as much as possible and know when I have done too much during the day without them and encourage me to have rest time. The office staff are easy to work with and they do their level best to accommodate care calls at suitable times for me. I have a good professional relationship with both my carers and the office staff. I highly recommend Bluebird Care Swindon. They have changed my life for the better"


What distinguishes one caring company from another, is the quality of the front line staff - the carers. A good carer is loyal to both the client and the company. This is not easy to achieve, but when it is, the carer can become part of the clients family. I have been with Bluebird Swindon for some years now and have had three regular carers during that period all of whom achieved this status. My carers are excellent. I am very particular bur they know my expectations, how I think and anticipate my needs well. I trust them implicitly. This is can only be demonstrated by a company with extremely high standards, which it supports by first-class training programs developed over many years. Additionally, the front line staff can only perform well when they are supported by the office staff and management. I have to say my carers have never complained about their support. To summarise - a very good professional company at every level. I have no intention of moving.

Stephen B

"I find Bluebird Care to be very good. I enjoy seeing all of my carers. I do have a regular carer and she is brilliant, she gets my papers for me every day before she comes to me and she has helped me out a lot with getting things when I need them"

Gerry F

"Bluebird Care Swindons professional carers help to bring lonely people into a family, they make sure that I still feel part of this world, I always feel included and cared for. They are the world outside my window"

Your staff are a credit to the Bluebird Care Organisation. 

NHS Incontinence Specialist Training Nurse

In the time that we have used Bluebird Care to provide my mum's personal care, we have found all the carers to be good and nice to deal with.

So why single out one individual?  Well, I would like to shine a well-deserved spotlight on Tanya Johnston because, in my view, she is a model carer and a credit to your company.

Always professional in her approach, Tanya provides the highest standard of care and help at all times. She is polite, respectful and instills confidence that she will do all that's needed with kindness and thoughtfulness. Her charm, humour and warmth are a natural part of her personality that, unquestionably, brighten the spirits of those she calls on.

Tanya is a carer that shows she really cares and it's a pleasure to send this commendation.

B.H & V.H - October 2016

On Behalf of my Mum and her family I just wanted to say a huge thank you to your wonderful carers for their commitment, kindness, professionalism and patience during their visits. Also to the office staff. We are truly grateful for the respect shown towards our darling Mum/Nana and your kindness often goes above and beyond the requirement of the role.

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