Yesteryear Campaign

Published: 23/08/2019

A 100 year old Gentleman recalls his war time memories

**Yesteryear Campaign**
This Gentleman turned 100 last year, the same year as The RAF, in which he served in his younger years.
He proudly wears his medals and Squadron tie even today.
He remembers visiting New York in WW2 and being approached by Marlene Dietrich an American actress of the time, to go and do a radio show, he often retells that story!
He also recalls being under fire during the war and hiding in a cabbage patch until the firing had stopped. So cabbages saved his life! Once the war had finished he travelled all over the world until he left the RAF to settle in Kent, with his Wife who he charmed when visiting an Air Base in Essex. They were married for nearly 70 years when his wife sadly passed away. At nearly 101 he is still going strong, even with dementia.
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