Yester Year Campaign

Published: 07/08/2019

Chatting to our Customers about their memories

Our campaign for August is #Yesteryear, we are Chatting to our Customers to hear about their memories. This is one Ladies account of her earlier life.

" When she left school at 15, she worked at a Merchant Navy Convalescent hospital in Cuddom where she cared for seaman of the Merchant Navy.
From there she went to Tilbury Hospital, this is where she got her formal Nursing training. In those days training was more hands on, but she did have to travel to Greenwich Hospital for lectures etc. However, while she was there, war broke out. Greenwich was at high risk during the war, so they were no longer able travel so missed the lectures.
She left to work for a family and care for their two children. From there She was offered a position in a children’s nursery. Here she was put in charge of a large group of children between three and five years old. Some of these children still visit her now. She has a lady of the lamp in the corner of her room bought for her by one of these now adults who visited her as recently as June 2019. This is because she was compared to Florence Nightingale by the parents of the children she cared for.
She then set up her own nursery and a local vicar kindly gave her use of the local church hall. She stayed here until she retired."
#yesteryear #sharingmemories