"Happy Feet Walking Group"

New Mental Health & Well-being Initiative for our Staff Team


New Mental Health & Well-being Initiative for our Staff Team

We are really proud to announce the start of our Staff Team Walking Group - Happy Feet!

Of course like many people have, we took some time to make sure we are all looking after own mental well-being and our general health during the Pandemic. It shut down so many social opportunities for us all but we felt that it is particularly tough for our Care Team. We have to follow additional precautions and guidelines to make sure we are keeping ourselves and therefore our customers as safe as possible. 

Naturally though this has reduced our social contact as a staff group, so often we work with customers One to One which brings many benefits but it can be isolating as an employee. We looked at all the possibilities and safest ways we could provide opportunities for staff to meet up, chat, offload and just see each others' faces! And so we developed "Happy Feet"

We have a good turnout planned for our first walk on the 4th December at our Official Launch! Most of our walks will be very kindly led by Suzanne Vine (Pictured) our Care Supervisor and resident outdoor enthusiast! She has so kindly given up her own time to get us started! 

We look forward to sharing some photos and updates with you all soon!