Visit from MP Nick Boles

Published: 19/08/2019

This month we had a visit from local MP, Nick Boles.

This month we had a visit from local MP, Nick Boles.  He came to visit our office in Stamford to discuss topics such as the growth of our business and the training and development we offer to our Care Workers.  

We also talked about our provision of homecare to people with age related requirements, as well as complex care for people with illnesses such as dementia and about the challenges facing Health & Social Care provision within the local constituency and its funding.

Tim Carey, one of our Directors said,

Our customers have a wide range of requirements.  Some may be older, less physically able to manage day to day chores, while other customer needs may be more complex and need a full care and support package.  We are here for any individual who requires help and support in their own home to allow them to remain at home and keep their independence and choice.  Whether it be due to age, illness or disability, our aim is to ensure that care remains person centred to meet the personal preferences of the individual, and to do this, the importance of training and developing our staff is key.

It was a great opportunity to be able to talk with Nick both as a local growing business employing and providing a service to the local community and also as a home care provider.  Nick seemed genuinely interested and impressed with both what we have achieved but also in what we do and the importance of quality care.

Provision of quality, person centred care at home is an area of great discussion at the moment both locally and nationally.  As a local service, we welcomed the opportunity to discuss just what we do and the importance to our local community.  

Care at home doesn’t just mean helping people to get up or go to bed.  It can also include shopping, companionship to full live in care to help people maintain an independent, enriched life.  In the past 12 months, the company has continued to ensure it is providing a service which holds fast to traditional values of a personal service where the customers’ needs always come first. 

Peterborough Nick Boles MP Visit