Celebrating 10 years of caring for the community - Stamford & Rutland

Tim Carey and Leisa MacKenzie Directors of Bluebird Care Stamford & Rutland reflect on 10 years of business within the Stamford & Rutland area.

Ten years ago, we saw an opportunity to serve our local community.  Having a first-hand experience in care, we understood that there was a need for high-quality home care tghat was delivered for local people.

We saw that this high standard of home care was hard to come by, with little choice and no well-known care providers in the region.  And so came our chance: the creation of Bluebird Care Stamford & Rutland.

Bringing the established Bluebird Care brand into the area allowed us to hit the ground running with the excepetional support of a wider home care network.  This helped us to make a monumental task slightly easier; as we balanced a new business with bringing up our young families. 

Yet it was our young families that acted as the motivation and drive we needed to succeed.  Teaching our children the importance of a good work ethic and the value of hard work focussed our efforts.  Our children also attend schools in Stamford, and our friends and family live within the area.  Being embedded within the community, we are immensely proud to have founded and developed a leading home care provider which is now rated 'Outstanding' by the Care Quality Commission.

As leaders of Bluebird Care Stamford & Rutland, we have complemented eachother over this last decade.  Leisa is strategic, Tim is highly personable, and this has allowed us to thrive. We also help each other when needed to balance our busy lives.  When Leisa is in the office, Tim pick up family resposibilities at home, and vice versa.  Over the years, we have also developed an implicit understanding of each other's strengths, and have instilled our values into our work.

We live by a philosophy of promoting dignity and respect, insisting on high standards, and ensuring close oversight and supervision of our services.  We stand by these values through both the good and challenging times of caring for vulnerable people.

And, having served our community for a decade we have lost beloved customers, cared for complex illnesses, and worked exceptionally long hours.  But we have also enjoyed many positive moments by building friendships, improving the wellbeing of our customers, and even saving lives.

Reaching ten years of service is a testament to the trust our Stamford customers have placed in us, for which we are grateful and delighted to celebrate.  Building on this success, we hope this is just the beginning for Bluebird Care Stamford & Rutland.

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