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Preventing Falls

Bluebird Care Stafford offers advice about how to prevent falls, steer clear of injuries and avoid paying for care as a result of falling.

Falling is not an inevitable consequence of aging. We can prevent falls from happening by finding out how to reduce the risks. 

As we get older and more unsteady on our feet, the risk of falling becomes greater and the risk of serious injury more likely. In the UK, nearly a third of people over 65 years of age fall every year. This rises to half of people aged 80 years or over.

We cannot remove all of the risks, but we can certainly reduce them by:
  • Understanding the risks
  • Looking after our health - read our top tips on how to prevent falls
  • Keeping our homes safe - use Bluebird Care’s ‘home safety checklist for preventing falls’ to help you and your family find and fix common hazards in your home
Seeking the right care and support if paying for care becomes a necessity.