Joanne Prebble's London Marathon 2019

Published: 22/05/2019

Joanne Prebble office manager for Bluebrid Care Essex West ran the London marathon on sunday and Raised over £4000.00 for Marie Curie.

Joanne run the London Marathon in the impressive time of 5 hours 6 minutes on Sunday. 

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For many years I watched the London Marathon from the comfort of my armchair and promised myself that I would run this iconic marathon at some point. Years went by and then in 2017 I took the plunge and signed up to complete the 26.2 mile course around London for charity, Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Training was going really well, I started to clock up the miles and was right on track to run in April 2018. 

However, in December 2017 I was out very early in the morning on a training run when I was hit by a car travelling in excess of 40mph. I was blue lighted to hospital. After many tests, and the insertion of a lung drain which was the most excruciating pain I have ever felt, the extent of my injuries were confirmed as a collapsed lung, five broken ribs (resulting in a subsequent operation to repair them with five plates and 38 pins), broken wrist, broken elbow and a hairline fracture to my lower back. At that point I knew my training schedule was out of the window and there was no chance of me being repaired in time to run the London Marathon in April 2018. In all honesty, at that time I just had to accept I was actually lucky to be alive and not dwell on the fact that I couldn't run!

Recuperation has been slow but steady and I am still in pain every day, but everyone who knows me well will appreciate that I am not someone who gives up easily or be beaten when I have my heart set on something. Once agreed by my consultant, training started again, albeit a gentle jog for a few minutes. I have progressed week by week and pleased to report that I am back on track to take up my position on the start line in London on 28th April 2019 (you won't find me next to Mo Farah though). I know this challenge will not be easy, yet I am determined to finish what I set out to do in April 2018. I am absolutely going to fulfill this somewhat crazy ambition.