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Read our customer newsletter to find out what we have been up to!


Read our customer newsletter to find out what we have been up to!


A Nation Unites…..

It’s such a shame that celebrations for the 75th anniversary of VE Day on May 8th have been scuppered due to this awful Coronavirus pandemic, but it’s so important that we take time to stop, remember and pay tribute to those heroes who fought for our liberty and allowed us the freedom to live in peace today.  There are no street parties, but we hope you’ll enjoy a cup of the nation’s favourite drink, and “Take a Break” while reading this poem – written for the occasion by Jack Whitfield, the director of Bluebird Care South Gloucester office:


The Gift of Service

The heroes of that greatest war,

The finest that we ever saw;

One and all they played their part,

In ambulance or landing craft.


Heroes all around the world,

They battled till this peace unfurled.

But though the common villain slain,

Their offspring now must fight again.


For as we sit and sip our tea,

There lies a silent enemy,

Assaulted only by our scorn,

Until a new vaccine is born.


Those who readied at the beaches,

Carry on to ever teach us.

Today, if we are as courageous,

It is their courage, through the ages.


Their love for us could never stem,

So now we look to care for them.

They paved the way for us to live,

Now back to them we seek to give.


While others shield and lives are stalled,

Our carers carry on as called.

Risking all to help them through,

Heroes all, those dressed in blue.


Theirs could be no higher purpose;

Unto all, the gift of service.

So smile at them, these angels rare,

For all of their Outstanding care


Jack Whitfield Director

Bluebird Care (South Gloucestershire)


Carer of the month……

Another month has passed where our care team have continued to soldier on through the adversity of the Coronavirus and it goes without saying how amazing they’ve been.

There has been great debate over singling out any carer during all the hard work going on during this time for Carer of the month but we decided we should continue as normal as much as possible.

This month I’d like to announce Blazenka Pintaric as Carer of the Month.  Blazenka joined us in July 2018 as Live-in carer and she has  been very committed, reliable and caring during this time.

She has a great relationship with her customers and delivers her care in a person-centred way.  She is not averse to working with customers with complex needs and communicates effectively with the health teams to ensure the persons health is always attended to as required.  She tends to be very pro-active as opposed to reactive which leads a relaxed environment.

Blazenka committed to remaining in the UK at the onset of the Corona virus to ensure our customers needs could be met and to avoid any staff shortages at this trying time.

Well done Blazenka!

 The full team out working at the moment are our runners up.  They are all doing amazingly well and have adapted easily to any changes made by the government at short notice, without complaint; especially the wearing of facemasks on every visit which can prove very uncomfortable for them, together with the additional times they have to wash their hands, making for sore hands ☹

We would also like to give a warm welcome to our new care staff who have joined us over the last month.  Please extend your usual friendly welcome to Ellis, Gail, Margarida and Wendy.

Go all our Bluebirds!

Compliments corner

– each month we list some of the many compliments received from you about us so we can share the word…

  • Luis, our lovely care mentor, fed back that whilst shadowing a new carer who was working with Cristina that he found Cristina doing a great job, following policies & procedures and showing a great deal of compassion and optimism. Cristina was very supportive with the new worker, by explaining all tasks step by step.
  • Mateo was complimented by a customer’s family for dealing with a difficult situation on arrival to a customer’s home.  He took the lead, even although he was working with a more experienced carer and done so in a confident manner.
  • A customer’s husband called and said how very pleased he is with everything we are doing for them and the care his wife receives, he said he is particularly pleased with Leisa and Andrea.
  • A customer said that Mercy is kind, considerate and caring, she takes good care of him.
  • A customer’s daughter sent a note to say a continued BIG thank you for the excellent care her mum is receiving in these very difficult times. They clapped for each and every one of our team..
  • A customer’s daughter sent an email to say she hoped everyone was keeping safe and well and gave a Thank You also for all the support and care that the Bluebird team are giving to mum at this difficult time. ❤️🌈
  • A customer’s daughter emailed to send all at Bluebird a huge thank you and 👋👋👋👋👋 for your efforts during this terribly difficult time.
  • It gives her great comfort to know that someone is able to take care of her parents in such an extremely professional way.
  • “I congratulate you all at keeping the cases of Covid 19 at zero. You are all clearly doing a great job”
  • A customer called to say how good and kind Sadia is. She is always in a good spirit and makes such a difference for her, it makes her day.
  • During a call with our coordinator a customer expressed that all the carers who are going there are amazing, she is so pleased with all of them and she thanked us for everything.
  • A customer’s daughter emailed Gabi to express her immense gratitude to Bluebird for caring for her parents, through this current crisis.
  • Naturally, they are all worried about contracting this horrible virus but her concern is also, that her mum continues to receive the care at home she needs to stay well and out of hospital. At the same time of course, our continued service means her dad doesn't have to do the intimate care which he used to find so draining. But almost of equal importance is the social aspect. Every carer who visits my parents is wonderfully kind and delightful. There is not one who has failed to impress. Their most regular visitor is Francine. As they see her on almost a daily basis their affection towards her is huge. On the phone last night her mum described Francine as a friend.  The customer’s daughter said that she can't express how this makes her feel in these harrowing times, to know that a 'friend' is looking in on them on a regular basis.
  • She hoped this email would go some way towards showing you their appreciation of everyone at Bluebird.
  • Whilst on the phone to a customer she told Mariana that Leisa is very good and helpful and she really enjoys her company.
  • A customers daughter said to Anne that they very much appreciate all the Bluebird Care and all the care they receive as a family from everyone.


And as always, we are recognising the work anniversaries of our staff. We send a personalised email from Ian recognising their work anniversary but based on feedback from our care staff, we also wanted to recognise it in both the Staff and Customer Newsletter. 


Sonia Berezowska          1 year

Cristina Lescenco           2 years

Charlotte Emerson          3 years

Mary Shonhiwa                7 years


BEST WI SHES AS ALWAYS………Anne, Nicky & Cindy