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Published: 20/02/2020

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Carer of the month

Ilona Nagy

We are delighted to announce Ilona Nagy as our Carer of the Month for February!  Ilona joined Bluebird Care in March 2018 and has grown considerably as a carer during her time here. 

Ilona has listened, learned well and developed her skills and is always striving to improve.  She has her customers’ wellbeing at the heart of everything she does and communicates any changes or concerns to the office to ensure the appropriate action can be taken to improve living standards and promote positive health.  Ilona is now a confident and experienced care professional and is always keen to share her knowledge with her colleagues to support them with their own development within Bluebird Care.  Well done Ilona for your hard work, dedication and for all the help you offer ‘over and above’.

Whilst we recognise that all of our care staff are amazing, hardworking and such a caring team, the runner up slot this month goes to Paola Elezovic.   She adapts easily to any complexities presented to her and goes out of her way to learn and modify her skillset to make sure our customers receive the outstanding standards you deserve.

We also wanted to give a “shout-out” to Alen, Ingrid and Elvin who have been complimented by a number of customers as going ‘above and beyond’ over the last month.

We will also be looking forward to welcoming our new care staff at our next induction in February. 


Compliments corner –

each month we list some of the many compliments received from you about the work our care staff do…

  • A family member’s son told us how very happy with Anita and   Tihomir they had been for the care of their father. They did a very good job.
  • A customer’s wife sent a message to say how lovely and fantastic Klaudia was and thanked us for sending her, she is looking after her customer well and has fitted in with the family.
  • A customer wanted to give a shout-out for Ella who came to do cleaning. She was very helpful and went over and above.  She said ‘As I've said before I was lucky to choose Bluebird, they go the extra mile.’
  • A customer told Luis, our care Mentor, that she was very happy with Alla, remarking that the house looks very clean and tidy and Alla is encouraging the customer to participate more in her own care. The customer said that with Alla she is walking more too.
  • A customer’s family member told us that she is very happy with Mirjana, she’s got a great attitude.
  • A customer ‘s family told us that Alen is a very professional and reliable carer. She is very happy with him.
  • A customer told us that she is very happy with Ingrid’s service. Ingrid is very kind with her, and nothing is a trouble for her.  She recommended Ingrid as the carer of the month.
  •  A customer mentioned that she would like Elvin to be considered as carer of the month, said he is so good, caring and thoughtful, nothing is too much trouble. He has great empathy and understanding of disabilities and really goes out of his way. Initially he was anxious, but he has blossomed and gained confidence and become a really first-class carer whom they would thoroughly recommend.
  • A customer’s family member wrote to report that Maria was working out very well with them. Both she and her husband are very comfortable with her and she is extremely helpful, neat and well organised. A very nice person.
  • A customer informed Eunice, one of our Coordinators, that Tea has become more confident and improved a lot. 


Courier Fraud warning

The council is warning residents to be alert to courier fraud and make sure friends, family and neighbours, particularly older and vulnerable people, know how to spot the signs of a scam.

In the UK there were over 1900 reports of Courier Fraud in 2019. Victims lost more than £6.5m.

Never assume a phone call is authentic just because someone knows your basic details such as name and address. If something feels wrong, then it’s usually right to question it. Fraudsters regularly use personal information to build trust and believability.

Unsure whether someone on the phone claiming to be your bank or police is genuine? Hang up, wait a minute, then call your bank/police on a known number to verify their identity. (Use a different phone if possible.)

A police officer will never

- ask you to hand over money to them to support an investigation

- ask you to transfer money to a safe account for fraud reasons

- send someone to your home to collect money, cards or PINs

- contact you to ask for your PIN, password or bank details.

The bank will never contact you out of the blue to ask for your PIN, password or to transfer money to another account.

Find out more here:

Monthly Anniversaries:

Dana Stefan              –  5 years

Leisa McHardy          – 3 years

Sian Taylor                  - 3 years

Svjetlana Cutuk          - 2 years

Silvija Kucec Sarcak    - 1 year

Sadia Rasheed            – 1 year

Chloe Clark                 – 1 year

We have several staff anniversaries to highlight this month and we want to say a huge thank you to all those mentioned above for their dedication and commitment to improving the lives of those they care for. Well done!     Thank you all for your commitment and loyalty


How to keep warm this winter

As Storm Ciara says goodbye, Storm Dennis is waiting in the wings bringing more disruption across our region.  Challenging weather events can have dramatic effects on everyday life, especially for the elderly. Cold and wintry conditions can cause illness, but by taking some simple precautions, you can be prepared for the cold weather.

Get a free seasonal flu jab. Older people and those with long-term health problems are most at risk. You can get a free jab from the age of 65. Contact your GP, or talk to your pharmacist

Try to avoid catching colds or flu. The Coronavirus hasn’t take hold here yet thankfully, but colds and flu spread very easily, so always cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you coughing or sneezing and encourage visitors and relatives to do the same. Throw away used tissues and wash your hands regularly.

Stock up on over-the-counter cough and cold remedies, to have them to hand if you feel ill

Lifestyle can make even more of a difference when it comes to keeping well in winter.

Eating regular meals will help keep energy levels up during winter and so help to fight infection

Have plenty of hot food and drinks - Plan meals and keep your diet as varied as possible

Aim to include daily five portions of fruit and veg. Remember that tinned and frozen fruit and vegetables count towards the five a day. Stock up on tinned and frozen foods, so you don’t have to go out too much when it’s cold or icy

Stay active. Even moderate exercise can bring health benefits. If possible, move around at least once an hour, but remember to speak to your GP before starting on any exercise plan

Dress for the weather. Wearing lots of thin layers – clothes made from cotton, wool or fleecy fibres help to maintain body heat. Shoes with good grip help prevent slips and falls when outside.

Heating your home effectively and safely. Some energy-saving tips may seem obvious, but they can make a big difference when it comes to reducing fuel bills The living room should be around 21°C (70°F), the bedroom 18°C (65°F) and the rest of the house at least 16°C (61°F). Set the heating to come on just before you get up and switch off after going to bed. Remember to close curtains and shut doors to keep heat in the rooms you use most

Keeping the heat in. Insulating your home not only helps to keep warm and healthy, but it will also help to keep heating costs down


Fit draught proofing to seal any gaps around windows and doors

Make sure that the loft has at least 10–11 inches(270mm) of insulation

Insulate wall cavities and hot water cylinder and pipes

Draw curtains at dusk to help keep the heat generated inside the rooms

Make sure that radiators are not obstructed by curtains or furniture

Extra money to stay warm in winter

Most people born on or before 5 January 1953 are entitled to the Winter Fuel Payment in 2015-16 to help with heating costs. This is a tax-free payment of between £100 and £300 paid to you between November and December. Contact the Winter Fuel Payment helpline on 0345 9 15 15 15 to find out more.

If you receive Pension Credit, or certain other benefits, you’re automatically paid a Cold Weather Payment when the temperature is 0°C (32°F) or below for seven days in a row.

You may be entitled to a Warm Home Discount on your electricity bill if you receive Pension Credit or if you’re on a low income. It’s a one-off discount usually made between October and March. Find out more at

Best wishes as always …………….ANNE, NICKY & CINDY .