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Published: 25/09/2019

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Carer of the month

Blazenka Pintaric

We are delighted to announce Blazenka as our Carer of the Month for September! Blazenka joined Bluebird Care in June last year as one of our Live-in Carer and has been an asset to the company since.   She has had great feedback from her customers and colleagues alike.  She is currently providing excellent care to a customer who is responding very well to her calm, gentle and professional approach.  She has great communication skills which is proving to be one of the many key attributes which has led to her nomination as Carer of the Month.

Whilst we recognise that all our care staff do a great job and I’m sure you will all join me in recognising how hard working, kind and empathetic they all are, the runner up slot this month goes to Sadia Rasheed. She receives good feedback from her customers and has reacted well to a number of challenging situations. A customer specifically called to say to put Sadia forward to be carer of the month, saying she is very caring and goes the extra mile with the little things that mean a lot to her. She said Sadia has great attention to detail and it makes her value the company very much.

Congratulations Blazenka, your recognition is well deserved!


Bluebird Care South Bucks, South Wycombe & Slough support Professional Care Worker’s Day 2019

Professional Care Workers’ Day took place on the 4th of September 2019 and we wanted to shout out loud that care workers are skilled professionals who need to be respected and valued more. The industry came together and applaud people that are there day in and day out, in the snow, scorching sun and pouring rain, at night, at Christmas and on Sundays.

Delivering care is a skilled and unique profession that deserves recognition, respect and celebration. The skills and expertise care workers deliver every day make a significant difference to the lives of people they work with and support. This is not always fully appreciated or understood until people experience the care first hand.
We aspire to making care workers feel special for the awe-inspiring work that they do so asked them how they wanted to celebrate at our recent team meetings.

 At their suggestion we have created a compliments book of celebration to mark the day.  We are asking you if you have any compliments or want to share your story of how carers` input has a positive effect on your life to send a card or drop an email for us to include your message in the book.  We would love to have you all participating….please email:  Our care team are also writing notes on how much they respect one another to be included.

Wouldn’t it be lovely for our team to be able to come to the office and look at all the lovely compliments written about them.

Let's all come together to celebrate care workers!

Compliments corner – each month we list some
of the many compliments received from you about us so we can share the word…

•    Family called to thank Mariana for the fantastic work she did to raise awareness about a customer’s illness as it turned out she had sepsis
•    Renata was complimented by her customer for the fantastic work she was  doing with them

•    A customer family member called to thank us for sending a lovely birthday card to their mum from the Bluebird staff.  He said It was a lovely surprise. It's touches like this that make such a difference.

•    Compliments to Marius for going above and beyond.  He took a birthday cake in for his customer to make his birthday special in the absence of family members who were away at the time.

•    A customer’s son emailed a message to say ‘Thanks very much for all the committed care from everybody at Bluebird over the years’

•    We received a compliment from a customer to say ‘Leisa is brilliant’

•    A customer called to say thanks to all of us, especially Sarah, for the lovely birthday card and how much she appreciated it and also all our help

•    A customer's daughter called and told us how Lisa was perfect and showed high level of care towards their mum, who was end of life.  She also said her sister came around to see her mum with her kids, and because mum was poorly the children got very upset, Lisa talked to them and explained about grandma, and she managed to calm them down

•    A daughter emailed to thank you all for being so wonderful in working with their family to keep mum's wishes to stay at home. She said Bluebird Care have done more for my mum in the last few weeks than she could ever have hoped for.

•    A customer called to say Ilona is a good carer with great sense of humour.

•    An OT from Wexham Park hospital emailed to express his thanks to the team for supporting in the discharge of our customer.  He said we were responsive, helpful and supportive in helping to allow this man the chance to return home for the end of his life.

•    A customer called to say Chloe was very lovely and caring when taking her to a hospital appointments last week.
As we move to the end of the holiday period (always a difficult time for any care company) I’m sure you will join me, once again, in recognising and thanking all our care staff who helped out over this period. We certainly greatly appreciated the efforts everyone has made.

We also wanted to extend our thanks to all of our customers who have accommodated changes to their regular carers and sometimes changes to call times in order our staff could have their well deserved holidays.

And last but absolutely not least, we are recognising the work anniversaries of our staff. We send a personalised email from Ian recognising their work anniversary but based on feedback from our care staff, we also wanted to recognise it in both the Staff and Customer Newsletters.

We will do so in order of length of service, as follows:

Belinda Denney – 9 years
Belinda Donkor – 6 years
Lisa Buckland - 5 year
Claudia Buca  - 4 years
Jelica Gaspar - 4 years
Sarah Yalden-Castle – 4 years
Tihomir Malic – 3 years
Sarah Abdilla -  3 year
Ingrid Dumitrescu - 2 years
Patryk Begier – 1 year
Irena Juric - 1year

BEST WISHES AS ALWAYS          Anne, Nicky & Cindy