Care assistant testimonials

Please read on to learn what our care assistants have to say about working for Bluebird Care Slough, S. Bucks & S. Wycombe.

I joined Bluebird Care in June 2015 and have been with them for the past two years working in my holiday breaks from university. During term time I study medicine and I was looking for a flexible holiday job with relevance to my future career as a doctor. Bluebird Care has supplied me with that and more. They have been welcoming, friendly and incredibly accommodating to fit my term dates and study needs. Most valuable of all is the experience I have gained in working both with clients and fellow carers. Caring for people in their own homes has given me an understanding of the day-to-day reality of living with chronic illness in a much more relatable way than lectures, textbooks or even hospital placements ever have. Similarly working alongside passionate colleagues both in the office and in clients’ homes is not only enjoyable but also useful for a career centred on effective teams of healthcare professionals. I will never forget my time spent with Bluebird Care doing one of the most rewarding jobs available. I cannot thank them enough for the impact this experience will have on my future career so I strongly urge any healthcare professionals in the training or application stages of their careers to consider part-time care work to supplement their studies. It will help you no end.

thank you all for positive feedback and opportunity to work for you. I'm also happy to be part of Bluebird team. Time pass so quick...


Thank You very much i enjoyed at every moment. Thanks for the support.


! I want to say that I'm very glad to be a part of Bluebird care team, two great years, joining you, and I hope that there'll be more.. I am very grateful :) Kindest regards


How time flies! I am still very much enjoying my role within the Bluebird team and the customers I visit. Wishing you and all the office team a happy and healthy 2017. Warm regards,


I really enjoy my job, and I think that I am very lucky to work for Your Company. Thank You again

Daniela Saftoiu

Thank you, I am so pleased to work for Bluebird and really enjoy working with happy people.wishing Bluebird the very best for the future


Thank You All very very much for having us and welcoming us like You did. We appropriate it very much and always will. Thank you Ian/Anne/Nicky Cheers

Ivan & Maja

I would like to thank you for inspiring and encouraging words. Without your support and understanding and support and compassion in difficult moments I could not make the most of myself here away from my family.


I meet some lovely people in my work and it’s so rewarding. What seems like a small thing for us to do, makes all the difference to my customers and they are so grateful. I have a real rapport with the people I care for and it’s nice to think you are making their day better. I simply love my job!

Jo Doel, Care Assistant at Bluebird Care Slough, S. Bucks & S. Wycombe

I very much appreciate your gratitude and thank you for your support during the past 36 months. I enjoy working at Bluebird and hope that the future goes as smoothly.


I am also happy that I am working for this company and realy love my work. 😇


I am enjoying my work every day.


Im really feel like part of big family and thank you for all work what you done for me !


This job is all about people, so although my sister was young when I cared for her, it doesn’t really make a difference that most of my customers are older. As long as I see a smile on their face, that’s what makes my day worthwhile. You become a big part of your customer’s lives and it’s very rewarding when they thank you from the bottom of their hearts!

Monica Iova, Care Assistant at Bluebird Care Slough, S. Bucks & S. Wycombe

Thank you... Must say that this last 2 years was not easy :especialy in the begining but I enjoyed every moment of my last 2 years...wonderful expirience...I would not change anything..I realise how strong I am. But nothing of this will not be possible without all of you in the office, without your support. I realy feel that in every second...about any problems I can come in the office and ask for help. Never gone forget all you done for me, Thank you!!!


I know indeed was a very challenging period during this time but I've learned a lot of good things to improve my skills! Thank you for this opportunity who changed my life!