Our community partners

At Bluebird care we work with a wide range of local groups and businesses within our community. Here are just some of the people we work with.

Alzheimers Dementia Support

We often refer people to ‘ADS’, a local charity offering practical information, guidance and support as well as a wide range of services in support of people living with Dementia, their Carers and Families. 

Within our local communities, there are a continually increasing number of people diagnosed and therefore living with Dementia, which impacts the individual and those closest to them.  

‘ADS’ operates an extensive and differing range of services and activities, aimed at providing support in addition to encouraging interaction and social contact.

This local charity also actively, supports former carers, who have lost loved ones to the disease.

‘ADS’ has developed and regularly delivers ‘Dementia Awareness Training’ for individuals, companies, schools and community groups. The two-hour certificated session ensures participants are able to increase their knowledge and understanding of the disease. This training is available to all interested parties at minimal cost.

For more information visit the ‘ADS’ website: http://www.alzheimersdementiasupport.co.uk/

May's Chocolate House

Igan and Wafa at May's Chocolate House are wonderful community partners in Burnham High Street, apart from their normal business of selling beautiful chocolates and drinks from their cafe, they also give valuable community support by opening up their premises for the Memory Cafe to help people who might be struggling with their memory in later life.

Don't Say Diet

Christine at Don't Say Diet offers 1-2-1 and group advice on how to stop yo-yo dieting and change your eating habits to put you in control of food using mindfulness techniques and meditations she will help to build your confidence so you never have to diet again. You can learn more at her website www.dontsaydiet.co.uk

'Knit Your Socks Off'

Community knitting group ‘Knit Your Socks Off’ was created in 2015 – by Sbba Siddique (Asian Star Radio) and Samina Hussain (Samina Hussain Cancer Foundation) when Samina was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  The Knit Your Socks Off team meet on a monthly basis to knit - donating knitted items to great, local charity causes. 

The groups’ teams of knitters create and donate embellished and plain mitts to people in need across South Bucks. We helped fund the creation of sensory mitts knitted by their fantastic group of volunteers by donating money for wool and also helped them celebrate their first birthday by supplying a cake.  

Deputy care manager Renay Clarkl said: “We were keen to partner with ‘Knit Your Socks Off’ and to sponsor them to create sensory mitts for our customers. We thought the embellished mittens would be perfect for the customers we care for with dementia as the different textures and features are comforting and beneficial. We look forward to continuing to work closely with them to improve the lives of our customers.”

The group also knits for chemotherapy and hospital patients as well as other community groups.

Find out more on their faceboook page here

PSH Home Improvements

PSH Home Improvements has been running for seven years and owner Phil Howells specialises in handyman jobs around the home or office.  He was recommended by one of our customers and now we use him for work in and around our office. 

We also recommend Phil to our customers when they need some work carrying out or a key safe box fitted.

Phil said: “It is a pleasure to work with Bluebird Care and their professional and dedicated team.”