The best Christmas presents for older people

Selecting the perfect present for elderly family and friends doesn't have to be difficult. It just needs a little bit of thought. Use the list of ideas for inspiration.

With Christmas around the corner, presents will be on everyone’s mind. If you are looking to get things done early or if you are a last minute buyer, we’ve got a guide to help source the perfect Christmas gift for older people.

When it comes to buying a Christmas present for an older person it isn’t as easy as just popping to the shops and getting the latest video game or the newest pair of trainers on the market. A lot more thought needs to go into buying the gift, its about the sentiment. It’s the thought behind the gift that goes so much further than the price tag.



Top Christmas presents for older people 

Bluebird Care South Tyneside wanted to share the top 10 Christmas gifts which we think would go down best for your older relatives and friends.


Food and drink

Food and drink are some of the most popular presents for older people. It is a go to present and if you know their favourites you know they will love it.

With age appetite often declines as people lose their sense of smell and taste and sometimes the energy to prepare meals. So picking something extra tasty that is accessible and easy to consume will be a great idea. There’s a forever growing army of artisan and independent producers joining the more well-known brands so there’s plenty of choices out there.



Puzzles are often some of the most popular presents at Christmas. It is something they would not usually buy for their self but when they receive it, they love it!

The most popular puzzles for older people are usually jigsaw puzzles. Great for this time of year when the weather is bad and they might not be leaving the house as much.


Magazine subscriptions

Not all older people have access to the internet, so for them keeping up to date with their favourite industry news may be difficult. There are still plenty of magazines and physical newspapers available to buy and subscribe to.

There are magazines available for pretty much every hobby and interest out there, so you’re bound to find the right one for your loved ones. For example, if they are a huge fan of cycling a subscription to Cycling Weekly would be ideal for them! Or if they love gardening, perhaps a subscription to Modern Gardens is a good idea.

There is a magazine out there for everybody!


Gifts which bring warmth

The festive period and the months that follow are the coldest times of the year, especially of those living in the North. The lower temperatures put older people at risk, and for some, the sad reality is that the heating can be too expensive to have on all of the time.

It is so important to help your loved ones out this Christmas by giving them presents that can keep them warm and cosy on the coldest of nights. Things such as an electric blanket or hot water bottles for their bed. Or perhaps a comfy jumper or some thick, socks or slippers would be well-received?



Admittedly a little bit harder at the moment due to the current situation we call 2020. However, have a good think and plan further into 2021 where we can see a little normality. This will give them something to look forward to in these difficult times.

People of all ages love receiving event tickets as a present. Much like the magazine subscription, this will depend on the hobbies and interests they have. Do they like a specific musical band or theatre production?

Perhaps your father or grandfather is a huge football or motorsport fan. We’re sure that tickets to the big match or the Grand Prix would go down a treat this Christmas. Buying tickets also allows you to join them for the event and spend some quality time together, something that they will love even more.



Technology is a difficult one to decide on, it's often more expensive than other gifts and harder to use but does have some huge benefits. If you are willing to put the time in to teaching them how to use the devices it can be endless fun and a good way to occupy some their time. 

Something like an Alexa from amazon or a Google Nest from Google could be a perfect start. It’s an accessible piece of technology which everyone can use as it is voice controlled. It’s a fast and easy way to ask questions and get answers, play their favourite music and keep an ongoing list of things to do or shopping.

If you think they will be able to use something like a tablet or an iPad it can be a great present which will allow them to do endless tasks. They will be able to communicate with friends and family, keep up to date on news, watch their favourite shows and read books.


Home/Kitchen Aids

Buying presents which will help in day to day life are fantastic and are typically most appreciated, as it makes everyday tasks easier. Something like a device which opens jars at a press of a button would be particularly good for anyone suffering from arthritis.

Another good idea could be a video doorbell, your loved one won't have to stress about not hearing a ring. The doorbell sends an alert to a smartphone when someone is at the door and allows the homeowner to see and speak with the person standing there.


The gift is in the giving

Selecting the perfect present for elderly family and friends doesn't have to be difficult. It just needs a little bit of thought. Use the list of ideas above for inspiration—and make someone feel special this Christmas. 

Remember it is the thought that counts. We are sure that they will appriecate any gift as it shows you are thinking of them.

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