Oral Health Awareness Training

Published: 22/05/2019

Our team have had a great time at their recent Oral Health Awareness training.

Bluebird Care South Oxfordshire passing their oral health awareness trainingCongratulations to the Bluebird Care South Oxfordshire team who completed their Oral Health Awareness training yesterday. This training gives our staff the knowledge to:

  • Understand the link between oral health and general health
  • Highlight the specific difficulties poor oral health may cause our customers and the effect it has on their quality of life
  • Identify the impact different health related conditions may have on oral health
  • Understand the causes of oral disease and methods for prevention
  • Promote the use of a uniform oral health needs assessment and care plan
  • Promote daily tooth brushing with record keeping checklist
  • Promote healthy food choices

This important training is recognised by Age UK and we look forward to putting it into practice to ensure we’re able to better support our customers with oral health care!

Completing the oral health awareness training