Bluebird Care Supervisor Gets Creative

Published: 22/05/2019

One of our star supervisors, Miss Sam Brown, has once again gone the extra mile to brighten up the life of one of our customers.

Having been living with dementia for some time, Mrs B found that she was often becoming fidgety but most of the objects around the house were either quite dangerous to fiddle with or perhaps just a little bit boring!

But thanks to Sam's hard work with needle and thread, she now has a wealth of different textures and materials craftily designed to be safely within reach at all times.  Indeed the beautiful flowers were knitted by hand by one of our Live-in Carers, Anna.

This "twiddle blanket" continues to provide great amusement and satisfaction to her, as she is able to remain occupied fiddling with the various bits and bobs, each with their own different sensation when touched.

Sam was so encouraged by the results of the blanket that she is now considering making a few more in her spare time for the other customers who might be interested in keeping their thumbs busy!