2020 Survey Results

Published: 23/07/2020

Each year we carry out an annual survey so we can ask customers about the quality of service we provide. Here's an update on the 2020 results.

We are pleased and proud to relate the results of our annual survey from June 2020. The results this year were very positive indeed , with most areas scoring in the Always/Normally section. The comments about what people think of the Care that we provide were overwhelmingly positive  and it is clear that customers appreciate  reliable and consistent care from well trained staff.

Of the customers who responded to the survey 100% said they were likely or highly likely (50:50) to recommend us to a friend or relative. Where a customer had had a previous company 66% said that we were Superior or better than their previous company with 33% saying we were similar.

We would ask that you to take a look at the customer comments from the survey and we are sure you will be convinced that Bluebird Care Solihull is the best quality care company to provide help and support to you or your close relative.

Click here to view a PDF of our 2020 Survey Results