We're back in the office!

We're back in our refurbed offices!


We're back in our refurbed offices!

It seems like so long ago since the floods in Shrewsbury- but it was only the end of February when the really bad weather hit!

Having our main office in Bayston hill, we thought we would be safe, if not a little soggy, but sadly a drain behind the office was clogged, and so all the rain had nowhere to go. This meant it all came into our office and into our neighbour’s spaces as well.

What came after was a little overwhelming- there was a lot of vacuuming, with all of the office staff and as many care assistants who could pitching in. However, it was a losing battle and we needed to completely recarpet, meaning we’ve been in smaller temporary offices in Meole Brace for the last few months- it’s been a little cramped!

Then, Covid 19 happened, so most of us needed to be working from home to stay safe, so it could have been far worse.

We’re now delighted to be back in the Bayston hill Offices, and although only a few of us are back due to Covid 19, we’ll still be happy to (safely and responsibly!) see you should you wish to pop by and say hello!