Ways to combat loneliness during COVID-19

We're all suffering from the covid-19 epidemic, but there are so many things you can do to combat loneliness and still connect with people.


We're all suffering from the covid-19 epidemic, but there are so many things you can do to combat loneliness and still connect with people.

1. Video and phone calls

We all need to keep in touch and check in during these difficult times – if you’re not sure what more you can say after the initial chit chat, why not set up virtual dinner dates or play games together? Playingcards.io is a wonderful tool to play cards together, or there are plenty of card games on facebook that could be a lovely little evening together.

2. Letters and post cards

Our friends at Omega have a wonderful initiative called “Letters to Louise”, in which you can exchange letters through them and make a wonderful new penfriend in the process – why not write a letter to someone you don’t know and post it through their door?

3. Leaving notes out for friends to find

Why not make a game out of not being able to physically see each other and leave notes for friends, or even strangers, to find? Make sure you include a place they can leave a reply, and make it a real adventure if you have kids to go and check if there is a reply!

4. Rainbows in windows

We’ve all seen the enchanting little rainbows that are cropping up in windows all over the country, and why should kids have all the fun?! Take a walk and find as many as you can in a different street each day, and maybe even mark them on a map!

5. Treasure hunts for family members

If you can’t meet up with friends and family, why not set up a treasure hunt for them around your city? Text them the first clue and then leave hints and tips all around to get to a final present- maybe an easter egg??

6. Virtual walks

While enjoying your daily exercise, why not take a friend with you? Not to walk with, naturally, but via video call – especially for older people who are stuck indoors, it might be lovely to see the outside world, even if it is through a little screen!

7. Video games

Many games now come with online discussions so you can speak to people live while you are playing! Why not take a little walk in the online world with someone else? If you don’t already enjoy these games, ebay has a number of fabulous vintage games such as gameboys or playstations that often come with bundles of games. If you used them before they could be a fun bit of nostalgia or, a brand new game to play!

8. Social distance walking

A walk with a friend is lovely, so long as you stay 2 meters apart! Walk with your friends, but remain responsible and don’t touch them to greet them.

9. Pets

Animals can’t transmit covid-19, and if there was ever a great time to get a pet, now is that time! A lot of rehoming charities are closed to the public at the moment, but the more local ones may be able to help you out by helping you meet the animal with social distancing in place. Just be sure you’ll be able to be responsible for the animal after all this is over.

10. Online events & classes

Many businesses are taking their services online, rather than teaching in the classroom, we can learn online! Have a google and check facebook pages of courses that you’ve always wanted to take, as now there may be a discount due to there not being any venue rental fees!