12 weeks of Isolation - Some entertainment ideas

Facing 12 weeks of isolation? Here are some bits you can do to ensure you get the most out of this time.


Facing 12 weeks of isolation? Here are some bits you can do to ensure you get the most out of this time.

1. Finish the projects you’ve already started

We all have something that we’ve intended to do but never did – be it that build a model aeroplane from 1996 or the paint with numbers that you got from the works to do that one Christmas. Or, if you’re like me, there will be a cushion that you were making and never finished in your bottom cupboards. Get it out and give it a go!


2. Read that book!

Again, there’s always been that book that sparked your interest but never got around to sitting down and reading. Now, you have 12 whole weeks of time to get your nose well and truly into that story.


3. Undertake a new craft

Sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, there are so many crafts that you can undertake, and with starter kits available all over the internet, there’s no excuse such as “I don’t know how” because you can easily learn!


4. Word and number games

Flex those mind muscles and partake in some good old fashioned crosswords, wordsearches or sudokus. Why not compete with others to see who can do one faster?


5. Facetime with family and friends

We all need to keep in touch and check in during these difficult times – if you’re not sure what more you can say after the initial chit chat, why not set up virtual dinner dates and all have a meal together?


6. Learn a new skill/take a course

There are so many courses online nowadays, it’s difficult to make an excuse not to take up a new language or learn about the greek Gods- try looking at FutureLearn or Coursera for the many courses that they have. 


7. Penpals – write to another customer through your care assistants

Our friends at Omega have a wonderful initiative called “Letters to Louise”, in which you can exchange letters through them and make a wonderful new penfriend in the process – why not write a letter to someone you don’t know and post it through their door? Make sure you include a place they can leave a reply, and make it a real adventure if you have kids to go and check if there is a reply!


8. Baking/cooking – try that recipe you always wanted

We all love a little snack, but now that we’re limited to going out and just buying one whenever we feel like it, why not take the time to create a new masterpiece from a recipe? (I like putting blueberries in banana bread!)


9. Home decoration

Get those little jobs that haven’t been done, done! A wall that needs a bit of a retouch or even a shelf that needs putting up. If you’ve been intending to get the garden done we’re actually at the perfect time – spring has sprung and you have the chance to get lots done.


10. Write that memoir

Start small and collect any notes that you’ve ever made, or just get some post it notes and create a nice prepared plan for your story or book – don’t try to get a whole 90,000 words out within the first day – once your story is set up make sure you have a daily plan, and you’ll have a novel by the end of the 12 weeks!


11. Gameboys/video games

If you don’t already enjoy these games, ebay has a number of fabulous vintage games such as gameboys or playstations that often come with bundles of games. If you used them before they could be a fun bit of nostalgia or, a brand new game to play!


12. Music

With so many Youtube tutorials about it will be very easy to become a rockstar so long as you put the practice in. Dig out that old guitar and try not to grit your teeth too much as you tune it, and rock on!