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12 weeks of Isolation - Some entertainment ideas

Facing 12 weeks of isolation? Here are some bits you can do to ensure you get the most out of this time.


How we’re responding to the COVID 19 outbreak.

We take health seriously all the time, however it's at times like these that we feel the need to update you with actions we've been taking to ensure the ongoing health of our customers and staff.


8 days out in Shropshire for people who need care.

We love a good old day out here at Bluebird Care, so we wanted to highlight some of our favourites in the Shropshire area that cater for our customers as well as our staff.


Top 10 myths about live in care

We get a lot of questions and comments about live in care, so we wanted to take a moment to debunk some of the biggest fanciful stories that we've heard!


The Business of Care

Our director, Ian Barnes, takes us through how important the business of Care really is - and why it shouldn't be seen as a a heartless corporation.


Happy New Year 2020!

Our memories from 2019 and hopes for 2020


WE WON! - Our Press release


The Benefits of Live In Care

By Kirsty Holland Our live in care supervisor, Kirsty Holland, walks us through the disadvantages and advantages of live in care.


Person Centred Counselling

Daryl Ashton, our care coordinator has a foundation degree in person centred counselling from Staffordshire University.


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