Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis

In this Rheumatoid Arthritis awareness week I would like to share with you how this illness affects me. Simply it is an Autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in the joints and is the second most common form of arthritis.

I was diagnosed 10 years ago and feel blessed that I had a good 50 years symptom free. My daughter insisted I see my GP;  I felt exhausted, mobility problems, pain in my joints, I thought I had flu. My GP thought different and sent me for tests. Part of me felt good when I had a diagnosis but got frightened when I did some research to know what the future may hold.

I have good medication but recently a trial of a new tablet caused huge side effects and didn't work for me; so back to the good faithfull.

I try not to let it affect my life and my husband knows sometimes its better for him to keep out of the way. I get very grumpy when I have a bad day. A good day,  and I can usually tell as soon as I wake; it will mean I have had a good night and it's up, shower, breakfast and out with my dogs. On these days I try to batch bake and cook meals to go in the freezer for the days when even holding a mug of coffee is a chore. Then pain in my joints and the feeling of exhaustion will mean that my condition has  flared up again.

One of the sad things for me is that I find my sewing very difficult. I love patchwork quilting but the swollen joints in my fingers is making it difficult but I still find time to make the birthday cakes, its just that they are a bit more uneven nowadays.

My granddaughter calls it Granny's Arthur Hitis and my grandchildren bought me a walking stick painted with poppies and they laugh at my clown shoes that contain huge orthotic implants that help with my walking.

I dread the winter with the cold and damp but get pleasure from its beauty.

I feel fortunate that I have great support from  my family, my friends, the health care professionals and Arthritis UK where I can find good information. 

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