Maximising Health and Well-Being

Create a strategic shift in resources and culture from intervention at the point of crisis towards prevention and early intervention, focusing on promoting independence and improved well-being in line with the needs of the local population, reaching out to those at risk of poor outcomes.

Transforming Adult Social Care Circular (Department of Health 2009a)

Here at Bluebird Care Scarborough & Bridlington, we are focused on maintaining our customer’s well-being and independence across the board, looking at a holistic approach involving multiple agencies to ensure that everyone has the right and opportunity to live a fulfilling and independent life. Through a multi-disciplinary approach it is hoped that we can avoid getting to a crisis point and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions and longer term care.

These are the 6 P’s that we aim to live and work by:

  • Prevention – Wherever possible we aim to prevent our customers reaching a crisis point, we do this through effective communication between support workers/supervisors/managers and other agencies.
  • Personalisation – The support we provide is consistently from a person centred starting point, all out care plans are written in the first person and we take to time to sit and talk with our customers to understand their needs and wants. We understand that having essentially a stranger coming into your home can feel very intrusive at first and we constantly aim to minimize the impact of this as much as possible.
  • Partnership – We believe that all support and care should be delivered holistically that is within a partnership between all agencies this could be within communities, the voluntary sectors, NHS and local authorities, and also within the family dynamic itself.
  • Plurality – Whereby individual’s needs are met by diverse service provision across a multitude of discipline.
  • Protection – Actively promoting the safety of our customers is our highest priority, effective communication is a must and through both in house and outsourced training we make sure that both our staff and customers know how to report complaints and within the office that any and all feedback is dealt with quickly and effectively.
  • People – We want and strive to have our entire team trained and supported to be able to provide support with skill, compassion and imagination, and are given the freedom and support to fulfil their role and their own ambitions.

Part of our ethos is that we are not simply there to care, we are also there to provide a resource for both our customers and their families and give them information to be able to make informed decisions regarding what is available to them and how to access all the resources they need. 1 in 10 people in the population are providing unpaid support to family or friends due to age, physical or mental illness or addiction. Roughly half of these people are young carers below the age of 16, if we can support these carers in any way that is what we strive to achieve.

Across the whole of the UK the population is ageing and more and more pressure is being put on local authorities due to an increased demand for resources, domiciliary care needs in the home are increasing exponentially as more and more people are using the resources available to be able to live independently within their own space for as long as possible. As a quality care provider we are on hand to be able to help and fulfil these requirements in a professional, friendly person centred way.

The most common mental health problems in older people are depression and dementia. Depression affects proportionately older people than any other demographic group, because older people face more events and situations that may trigger depression: physical illness, debilitating physical conditions, bereavement, poverty and isolation. Older people with dementia usually continue to live at home with support but may also benefit from Supported accommodation, including extra care housing. 

Bluebird Care Scarborough & Bridlington is working closely with the wider community to be able to bring people out of isolation and offer opportunities for social inclusion wherever possible, this takes many different forms and covers all strands of social activity from cake baking to carol services to fund raising events to simply being able to have companionship time with support workers to be able to go out and socialise.

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