World Alzheimer’s Month: September 2015

Published: 22/05/2019

Bluebird Care Scarborough & Bridlington joins the world in raising awareness about Dementia...

As September is World Alzheimer's Month, Bluebird Care Scarborough & Bridlington joins the world in raising awareness about Dementia.

Within the Scarborough and Bridlington area we support a number of customers who live with dementia, the support we offer varies from person to person on sometimes a daily basis depending on how they are presenting on that day. The care plans that are put in place are specific to the individual as well working in a person centred way to allow the person being supported remain as independent as possible.

Because lucidity can vary it is imperative that the care provided and the support workers providing the care is consistent. This is usually within a team of support workers as they need to get to know the person in order to be able to pick up on any subtle changes in behaviour that could indicate a bigger problem.

Within our office we have two Dementia Friends champions, our Director Emma Finn and our Administrator Sarah Scotter, over the next two months this training will also be cascaded out to all our support workers, we also draw on the experience within the team as everyone has their own skills and background to bring to the table and we try to utilise these skills to tailor individual care packages.

Within the Scarborough to Bridlington area there are a number of support networks available that can be accessed such as the Alzheimer’s Society, Singing for the Brain, memory café’s, reminiscence workshops and the recent opening of Cockleshells Café and The Bridge at St James’s Church which offers workshops and a place to meet and chat for people who are feeling socially isolated.

These groups provide an invaluable service as living with and supporting a person living with dementia can be isolating, these groups provide an outlet and often light relief within a safe and comfortable environment. It can also help to provide information about extra support that could be gained by talking with others in the same position.