Care Team of the Quarter - Q1 2022

Published: 28/02/2022

Every 3 months we carefully examine the positive impact our care teams have had on our customers.

We then look to nominate a specific team of carers who have worked exceptionally well together in order to improve the wellbeing and independence of a particular customer.

For Q1 2022, we are delighted to announce that the ‘Care Team of Quarter’ has been awarded to Team GB in Ruddington, which includes: Josie, Amanda, Andrea, Mel, Karen, Steph, Helen, and Freya.

Well done and thank you for your excellent team effort over the past 3 months and beyond. It really is appreciated and GB (and her family) is very grateful for all your support.

Peter Bryan (Registered Care Manager)

Mrs GB lives in Ruddington and receives an extensive care package from Bluebird Care, consisting of 4 visits per day. We started caring for her back in June 2021, alongside the support provided by her loving family.

The care team have worked in partnership with her daughter to improve fire safety at GB’s property by referring her to the Notts Fire & Rescue team for a ‘Safe and Well’ home visit. Following several near-miss incidents with cooking, a microwave is now used instead of the oven (ignition switched off).

GB’s medication and cigarette access is also more actively managed / monitored in order to prevent any accidental overdose etc. The carers also help GB by feeding her cat and cleaning out the litter tray.

More recently a new digital, portable thermostat has been installed to help GB remain in control of her heating preferences and keep the house warm and comfortable.