Keeping Our Community Safe With Health & Wellbeing Checks

Our amazing team are continuing to provide support through the Bluebird Care Health & Wellbeing Check service.


Our amazing team are continuing to provide support through the Bluebird Care Health & Wellbeing Check service.

Our Health & Wellbeing Checks help to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions by monitoring a number of important areas and noticing any changes to health in order that they can be acted upon early.

In addition, service helps free up NHS resources such as district nurses and GPs, which is helpful as resources are reallocated to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Staff providing checks are taking extra precautions in order to protect our customers and as well as wearing full PPE, visors & masks as well as thoroughly sanitizing the equipment for each visit.

We are the only homecare provider in Hounslow & Chiswick offering this service to the community. The service has proved extremely helpful in giving customers and relatives peace of mind as well as relieving pressure on the NHS over the past few weeks!

Sai, Managing Director

Checks are carried out by our specially trained staff and monitor the following vital signs:

  • Blood pressure and pulse
  • Temperature
  • Alertness
  • General wellbeing which is assessed via a questionnaire

The scores are generated and put into a NEWS2 matrix where, if results show a decline, they are automatically shared with a healthcare professional such as a GP who can then take the appropriate course of action to support the customer.

Checks compliment our care visits service well and are particularly beneficial for customers who are needing to self isolate or unable to easily leave the house. They also give peace of mind to family members along with customers.

The District Nurse usually carries out my checks, but this is a very good scheme for Bluebird Care to have available. Particularly for those who are ill as through the peaks & troughs, they will show how someone is doing.

Biddy, Customer

If you would like to know more about our Health and Wellbeing Check services for yourself or a loved one, please do get in touch with your local office to find out more about how we can help. We are available for a confidential and considerate chat whenever you are.