Maintaining social contact

Care Assistant Denise was taught to knit by her customer.


Care Assistant Denise was taught to knit by her customer.

During this period of uncertainity, it is vital that we use this as an opportunity to develop further and maintain social contact with one another at a distance. Maintaining social contact is something that our team of care assistants do for our customers each and every day. 

Our lovely Care Assistant Denise had the wonderful opportunity of being taught to knit by her customer. This contact has been beneficial to both parties as it helps build friendship and shows our customers that we value them. 

We strive to go above and beyond in every way possible!

We love nothing more than when our carers are being respected and valued by our customers and we would like to thank Denise's customer for taking the time to showing her how to knit! It is most definitely a useful skill to learn!

Thank you Denise for spending the time with your customer, you are brilliant at what you do and you are very much loved by your customers and colleagues.

The support that we provide is not just about the physical aspects, but the emotional wellbeing as well and things such as this really do make a big difference for our customers as well as being great fun for our care assistants.

Jess, Care Manager