Bluebird Care Redbridge Get Specialist Pressure Sore Prevention Training

Published: 22/05/2019

Here at Bluebird Care Redbridge, our customers well being is paramount to us. To ensure we can support all of our customers professionally and effectively, we regularly partake in specialist external training run by credited organsisations. Some of our office staff and care assistants recently took part in the "Pressure sore prevention training" run by H&R Health Care, here is what they learnt. 

"The training with H&R Health Care was great and really informative. Unfortunately, a lot of our customers suffer with pressure sores so it is always good to equip ourselves with additional specialist knowledge which we can action in the work we do each and every day" Kim Butterick, Customer Care Supervisor.
"Laura from H&R Health Care was brilliant, her demonstrations of detecting a pressure sore were so interactive. I now feel confident that I would be able to look at areas of a customers body and detect the early signs of a pressure sore. This will allow me to inform the customer's family or GP and suggest prevention methods before the pressure sore develops" Charmaigne Biggs, Senior Care Assistant.
" The interesting thing I learnt during my training with Laura at H&R Health Care is that not all creams are good for pressure sores. I now have a chart which will help me determine which creams are most suitable, depending on the grade of the pressure sore. This will allow me to give the best advice to our valued customers" Kay Wilmott, Care Supervisor. 

Here at Bluebird Care Redbridge we are always prepared to invest in the training of our staff, as it leads to the provision of quality care. We are glad our staff enjoyed the pressure sore prevention training from H&R Health Care, we are sure as a result we can help prevent our customer developing a pressure sore and in the case of a pressure sore developing we can offer appropriate and specialist advice.