Portsmouth's Carers of the month of 2020!

At Bluebird Care Portsmouth we have so many dedicated carers, it is so tricky to pick just one to become our carer of the month each month!


At Bluebird Care Portsmouth we have so many dedicated carers, it is so tricky to pick just one to become our carer of the month each month!

(From the left to right!)

Carer of each month has been awarded to the following:

March - Andy

"Our carer of the month for March was Andy! Sorry we were a bit late in handing this to you, COVID has restricted us in this area however, we didn't fail to let our care assistants know how much we appreciated them throughout the pandemic!
Andy is a brilliant care assistant, he puts 110% into every shift and his customers always come first. Congratulations Andy, very well deserved"


April - Jade

"Another carer of the month award goes to Jade for the month of April! Congratulations Jade, you are an asset to our team you go over and above for our customers and you're a fantastic role model for new carers when you take them under your wing. Well done Jade and a very big thank you, a very well deserved award"


May - Jaime

"A massive congratulations to one of our Care Assistants Jaime who has been awarded carer of the month for May! Jaime joined us only a few months ago with care being a brand new role to her. Jaime has absolutely taken this with both hands and ran with it, caring comes so natural to her she really is an asset to our team. Thank you for all of your commitment and hard work Jaime"


June - Eve

"Finally, our carer of the month for June was our lovely Eve! Eve is a real hard worker, she is another COVID warrior who puts every effort into her shifts. Eve is one of our carers who will take new starters under her wing and show them the ropes, supporting them to be outstanding carers! Thank you for everything you do to support your team and your customers Eve, we are really lucky to have you on the team"


July - Harry

"Massive congratulations to our carer Harry for being a Carer if the Month for July 2020.
Thank you for your being so passionate about your job role, supporting our customers through hard times (Covid-19) and celebrating the good times. You’re a great asset to our team.
Well done"


August - Caroline 

"A big congratulations to our Carer of the Month for August, Caroline! 🥳
Caroline joined us only a short while ago and has just passed her probation (a second congratulations is in order!). Caroline was brand new to the industry when she joined us and despite being a little anxious at the start, came on leaps and bounds within a matter of weeks! Caroline has care and compassion in her heart and soul and this shows in every shift that she works.
Caroline is proof that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and trying something brand new is a game changer and that Bluebird Care will support in every way possible to make sure it's the right decision to have made!"


Who will be our Carer of the month of September?! 

Thank you so much to not only these carers but to all our carers and office staff for all the hard work through such difficult times. We will get through it all together!! We are so proud of all our carers, so a huge well done to these guys especially for pulling through and going above and beyond for your work, you're all amazing!!