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I have been out to visit Mrs. P today and Mrs. P and her daughter couldn’t praise the support and encouragement that Claire (regular carer worker) has given Mrs. P enough.

They have both been very pleased with the level of service received and would like to pass on their thanks. It is a pleasure to write this email.

I am just sitting here thinking that if it were not for your support today I would be really struggling here now. I cannot emphasize to you how I appreciate the care you showed me today and I would like to say thank you once again.

Many thanks for your support over the last 2 weeks (is it two weeks?) – Bluebird do a brilliant job. Dan has been a delight to have caring for Dad. We could not be more pleased with Dan’s (and Bluebird’s services).

My wife and I sing Bluebird Care's praises to everyone we meet.  The service is excellent regards care, punctuality and consideration.

I am truly grateful for the services that you have given in the last few years. I could not have coped as much as I did without the help and advice that you gave me, and it was a relief for me to have someone to talk easily with, because, though I love her dearly Celia's speech had become part of the reason for my stress.

My thanks to all who gave her an alternative to me for a while and gave me a chance to get out.

Prior to using the services offered by Bluebird, the care for my mother was provided by another agency. For two years I was concerned with the poor level of care my mother received and as such, it was a very stressful time for my wife and I. My mother deserved better and my wife and I needed help and support, we knew this could only be found with an alternative care provided and we talked to Bluebird.
Stacey and I met with my mother to discuss  a care plan. Immediately after my first meeting with Stacey I physically felt a huge relief lift off my shoulders. I could tell that Stacey honesty cares for the people placed in her trust. She is calm, knowledgeable, organised and professional, she is passionate about her work and she always has time to talk as do her team. Because of the way Stacey is, her work ethics, morals, sense of duty to her clients, passion for doing the right thing, flows through to the rest of the team. The team are happy and hardworking and that flows through the whole company and into the homes and people they care for.
Since I have changed to Bluebird my mother’s spirits have lifted, she is far happier now that she is receiving the proper care she deserves and this is due to Stacey and her team. We work together, I am always kept in the loop. Life is no longer a struggle.
A huge thank you to Stacey, Grace, Linda, Anna and the care nurses who visit and care for mum.
First class care with a smile. I can relax in the knowledge that the person I love is in safe hands.



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