Above & Beyond - July 2021

Published: 08/07/2021

We were so lucky to be able to get together for a Team Meeting this month, where we could all celebrate our Above & Beyond winners......

Our carers are always working hard in their communities to ensure their customers are cared for and thrive in their own homes.  This month we all want to thank Stacey and Elaine for their compassion and professionalism during extremely difficult circumstances. 

Stacey and Elaine worked together to diffuse a medical situation, ensuring their customer was safe.  Their communication to their senior managers was incredible, they reacted quickly and efficiently and we are so incredibly grateful to have them as part of the Bluebird Care Team.

Stacey - recieving her gifts with her usual happy smile.

Elaine - Behind the mask she is smiling, thank you so much for your hard work.

If you think you can work as a carer within your community click here you can make a real difference to someones life.