Top 10 myths about live in care

We get a lot of questions and comments about live in care, so we wanted to take a moment to debunk some of the biggest fanciful stories that we've heard!


We get a lot of questions and comments about live in care, so we wanted to take a moment to debunk some of the biggest fanciful stories that we've heard!


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1. My carer won’t speak English

This is not the case – every care assistant that Bluebird Care Shropshire hires is interviewed separately to check that they are perfect for what needs to be done – and this does include their English. All our training is in English, and we do have native English speakers working for us as well!


2. It’s really expensive

Financially you’re paying around the same price as a residential care placement (care home) but with all the benefits of being in your own house. With a residential care placement you share the care costs with other people and therefore share the care team. With live in care your Care Assistant is there just for you.


3. You don’t get as much security as you would in a nursing home

Your security needs are all completely up to you – and some that you would get in a nursing home are not needed in your own home – imagine your entire family having to bring their passports to see you! Having someone in the house also means added security, if you need them in an emergency they are there- even if it’s just for reassurance. If a problem arises at night you can rouse them, they are there to help if needed. Sometimes being unwell or confused can make you feel more vulnerable and we often hear from our customers that they feel safer and less anxious having their carer sleeping in the property.


4. The NHS won’t help us

If you are eligible, it is worth bearing in mind that some people qualify for assistance towards the cost of live in care. 

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5. There's so much paperwork

Yes, there are a few forms, but with Bluebird Care we take you through all of that, and it never takes as long as you think.


6. It opens us up to employer liability

This is not the case – when you use a live in Care Assistant from Bluebird care Shropshire we are the employers – not you. Anything such as annual leave or employee insurance is included in the package and we take care of it all.


7. I’ll get loads of different carers in my home

When you have live in care, your Care Assistant is there for you. You may get a new care assistant for holiday cover, however the majority of the time you will have the same person.


8. There will be cultural problems and difficulties

It’s no secret that a lot of Care Assistants do come from abroad; however we don’t see this as a bad thing at all. We’ve found that an introduction to a new culture can be very beneficial to those in need, and remember, the care assistant is there for the customer, so they will look after them in the way they feel comfortable.


9. The carer could have their friends around

This is a big misconception – Care Assistants are not permitted to give out the address of any of our customers, and also, they are there to work, not to play!


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10. It’s not really 24 hours

This is the one misconception that is a teeny tiny bit true – Care Assistants are entitled to a two hour break where they can leave the house each day. However, this can be covered by us depending on availability and location.