Meet the team

Andy Henson


Much of Andy’s work has been in the health and fitness industry as a gym instructor, personal trainer, group class coach, Pilates instructor and nutritional advisor and during this time he has been working with a variety of people to provide care, support and assistance both individually or in a group situation.

Andy has taught many one to one clients of varying age and ability including people with dementia, motor neurone disease, downs syndrome and various clients with movement issues for a whole variety of different reasons.

In a class environment Andy has worked with small groups including a weekly cardiac rehabilitation class helping people that have had issues such as heart attacks or strokes and helping them back into exercise through gentle movements working various different muscle groups.

Whilst it might seem a complete change of career from the fitness world into the care industry, all of the skills Andy has picked up over the years are transferrable and it is a move and challenge that he is relishing.

Throughout his working life Andy has had to manage a team, meet targets, work with a variety of clients, administer care, apply excellent customer service, provide ongoing support and deliver results within deadlines which are all key components to take forward into a Bluebird Care business and the care industry.


Ashleigh Henson


Ashleigh has gained a strong understanding of the home care business whilst working for her local Bluebird Care branch.  As a hardworking, caring, compassionate and reliable Care Assistant, her personality very quickly made her a favourite amongst her customers.

Prior to working for Bluebird Care Ashleigh has had valuable experience in the owning and running of a franchise when she was Principal of the very successful Stagecoach Theatre Arts Schools in Peterborough and Northampton.  Ashleigh had the schools for many years, taking them as far as she could before selling them to focus on new challenges.

During her working career, Ashleigh has been very thorough and customer focussed in all of her roles, gaining a wealth of valuable skills to take into the home care business.

The husband wife partnership of Andy and Ashleigh with their combination of business skills, life experience, work ethic and their desire to provide the very best in domiciliary care in Nottingham will be an asset to the care sector in Nottingham.

Jessica Atherton

Care Coordinator

Coming soon!

Sam Watterson

Registered Manager

Sam has eight years experience within the care sector, starting as a care assistant and working up through the ranks. Sam has worked with services across the country gaining the skills and confidence required to lead a team within the care sector. Throughout her working life Sam has worked with adults with many different needs including, dementia, complex care needs and learning disabilities. Sam also has specialised interest and knowledge of mental health. 

Having heard about the opportunity to start a new Bluebird Care franchise, Sam decided to take up a new venture as the registered manager and is excited to grow Bluebird Care Nottingham into a successful business. Sam is passionate around creating a 5 star service to enable people to have personalised care within their own homes and allow them to maintain the control of their care needs. 

Currently working towards a level 5 leader in Adult Care qualification, she is always looking for ways to further her knowledge and pass this on to the Bluebird Care team. 

At home Sam spends most of her time with her dogs Woody and Ruby. Woody is currently undertaking training eventually become a future therapy dog.