Over 110,000 of people in the UK have a stroke year. This is more common within older people but people of all ages can have a stroke.

When oxygen fails to reach the brain due to the deterioration of the supply of blood in the form of being blocked or stopped then brain cells will begin to die.

The two main causes of a stroke are Ischaemic which attributes to around 85% of strokes and also Haemorrhagic.
Symptoms of a stroke to look out for are slurring in their speech, they won’t be able to raise both arms above their head and hold it there and also one side of their face may have dropped.

If you notice symptoms of someone having a stroke then you sooner you report this then the chances are that less damage will happen.

Risk factors that relate to strokes include being overweight, smoking, poor diet and inadequate exercise. High cholesterol and high blood pressure are also contributing factors for a stroke.
To reduce the chances of having a stroke it is recommended that you engage in exercise on a regular basis, do not smoke, reduce the amount of alcohol you have and also by changing your diet. If you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol then tablets should be taking which will reduce the risk of a stroke considerably.

A quarter of people who have a stroke will die and 50% of people who survive will require care to help them with everyday tasks.

Depending on how severe you stroke is will depend on the type of care you require. The different professions that can help you include occupational and speech therapists, physiotherapist, psychologists and specially trained doctors and nurses.

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