Climate Change 2020

Published: 23/09/2020

This week is the annual climate change week 2020! 

The COVID-19 pandemic has destroyed lives, livelihoods, and economies. But it has not slowed down climate change, which presents ever-growing threats to people’s health, jobs and safety. The stakes could not be higher: the science shows temperatures are in record-breaking territory, greenhouse gas levels are mounting, sea level is rising, and natural disasters are getting much worse.

As the world confronts the pandemic and embarks on recovery, there is growing recognition that the recovery must be a pathway to a green and sustainable economy that produces jobs and prosperity, reduces emissions, and builds resilience. From the science to the solutions, this website showcases how the United Nations is bringing together all nations and peoples, so we leave no-one behind as we tackle the global climate emergency.

Below is a link with the 10 actions companies can adopt to fight climate change.

Bluebird Care also look at following these methods and aim to fight climate change.