Coping With The Heat Wave

Published: 06/08/2018

Helping people cope with the extreme heat. 

We have recently ran our heatwave campaign and sent our customer the attached information. We have also passed this to our care assistants. This was our supervisor ringing up for a quick welfare check and the feedback was amazing. Below we have included three helpful guides to help you deal with the heat wave.  Please see below some of the comments we received. We called our most vulnerable customers or those who we only seen once a week. We also contacted their relatives if they didn't have the capacity to answer.

Some of the responses are shown below:

My care assistants always leave me juice as I don't like water. I do drink to keep hydrated every day -Thank you for the call.
 One of your care assistants had a great idea on leaving out a few bottles of water for my mam to drink. Thank you for planning this and it's good to hear from you.
Thank you for calling it's so nice of you. I always have a jug of water beside me.
We advised customers daughter that we would start to leave a jug of water out for her mam. Very pleased with this service.
 My care assistants are always opening the windows and leaving on the latch. Very happy they are doing that.
We help put the electric fan on as my mother often forgets.