The Great British Care Awards

Published: 22/05/2019

Best of luck!

Following on from her Care Employee of the Year award at the Bluebird Care Northampton & Daventry office, we are thrilled to announce that Tracey Claxton has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Great East Midlands Care Awards 2013. Tracey said:
The feeling of being nominated as a finalist is great and still sinking in, this was unexpected.  I always work to the best of my ability and I don`t consider what I do extraordinary but simply what I would expect myself if I needed to be cared for.
Very excited to have been nominated! I’ve always worked for the betterment of our care workers and customers. I hope that this particular idea can be rolled out further within the community care sector on a national level for the betterment of care workers & in turn all users of care services."
We are also very proud to say that Tracey wasn't the only one shortlisted as a finalist and that we have 2 other members of the team shortlisted as finalists too! These are Victoria Kingham for the Care Newcomer Award and Director, Amir Sayani for the Care Innovator award. Amir said
We wish them the best of luck at the judging day on 19th September 2013!'