Elected to Take the Social Care Commitment

Published: 22/05/2019

Bluebird care Bradford North elected to take the Social Care Commitment...

Bluebird care Bradford North elected to take the Social Care Commitment so that we as employers and our staff, the carers commit to promise to implement best practice and developing skills and knowledge by signing up to seven, I WILL, statements and their supporting 6 tasks for each statement.

So far we have signed up for and are currently working on thirteen tasks covering all the seven statements. The statements range from recruiting the right staff through upholding standards, induction, supporting skills, upholding standards, taking responsibility,  effective supervision to finally supporting staff. 

Each Bluebird Care Bradford North employee will be provided with their own personal Social Care Commitment handbook. This will help employees understand what the commitment means to them and the benefits it can give them. It will also detail what they should do to sign up to the commitment themselves. The hand book can easily be carried by the carer during work as it contains useful tips for carrying out their tasks.

For the first time employer and employees have made the same commitment. This can only be good for the home care sector as a whole and will lead to improved workforce quality. The Social Care Commitment is not to be taken lightly as it was launched and backed by the Department of Health in partnership with the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, the Care Quality Commission and the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group.