We are scam champions!

In these technological times, we need to be increasingly aware of scams and scammers.

Have you or has someone you know been victim of a scam?

At Bluebird Care West Berkshire we offer free scam awareness sessions to all of our customers.

Our care assistant, Kerenza, is a Scam Champion with Friends Against Scams, an anti-fraud initiative run by the National Trading Standards fraud team and she has completed their E-Practitioner course. Her background in fraud analysis has proved increasingly relevant in her current role. In the past 6 years she has been to clients who have either been scammed, are in the process of being scammed or are being approached by scammers. Knowing that she could not be the only carer experiencing this she wished to do more to help protect the vulnerable. She wanted to initiate scam awareness training to help prevent scams happening and to mitigate any losses.

That is why the staff at Bluebird West Berkshire Hampshire receive in depth scam awareness training, offer fraud packs to customers, and Kerenza offers community presentations as well as one to one talks. The company’s monthly newsletter contains a section on scams, focusing on a different scam each time.

If you have got any questions about scams you can visit their website or if you would you like some more information on booking a session in your comunity, please contact us - newbury@bluebirdcare.co.uk

We are proud to be FAS Organisation our pledge is: 

" To train all new care assistants and existing staff on scam awareness, to proactively seek to give presentations in our local community and to offer all customers and prospective customers a one to one session. " 

 Bluebird Care North Hampshire

We have been sending scam awareness information out to our customers and Kerenza our scam champion has had some great feedback!

I’m getting more positive responses from the scam article. Talking about it definitely keeps it fresh on people’s minds. A Customers daughter asked me about my fraud career and then talked about scam calls. The really good thing though is a customer's wife who received a scam call where the scammer was impersonating being an official from the Crime Safety Awareness Campaign offering them some sort of black box that could stop scam calls. She ended the call and noted the number down. She did let the office know but I happened to have a change of calls and was in there the next day. She gave me the phone number and I googled it. Calls had started about 26 Nov and 86 people had looked it up too. There were comments about it being a scam etc. I reported it to Action Fraud. Basically talking about it meant a customer knew it was a scam call, had the confidence to hang up but also they identified a new variation of an impersonation fraud doing the rounds

Kerenza- Care assistant & Scam Champion

You can view & download the scam prevention pack below