Wellbeing Programme

Our Wellbeing programme involves different activities that are designed to support healthy aging. This means staying active in later life and continuing good mental health and wellbeing to ensure we live long, healthy and enjoyable lives. We pledge to help fight loneliness, enhance quality of life, encourage brain activity and improve the social lives of the elderly in our community. Taking part in regular mental activities is essential to maintaining cognitive skills and preventing memory loss. 

Why not take advantage of the social opportunities that let you meet, share and connect with others in a similar position. Bluebird Care pledge to help you navigate all of the changes that come with growing older, taking care of your social wellbeing and at the same time providing you with mental and physical benefits. It will be a good opportunity to bring your loved ones out for a fun packed morning to enjoy a cuppa and a natter.
New Forest Carer's Cafe
The 2nd Thursday of every month between 10am-12.30pm, we will be in St Marks Hall, Ramley Road, Lymington, SO41 8GQ. In the Carer's Cafe, we want to create a strong and supportive network of carers, the cared for and friends and family. During these sessions, we will have arts and crafts, puzzles, games and socialising. If you would like to come along, please contact us on either 01590 678340 or on newforest@bluebirdcare.co.u

Social Isolation 
Social engagement is so important for all individuals’ wellbeing, regardless of age; however, as you get older, you do get more susceptible to social isolation. Currently activities programmes are being cut in terms of funding and there are fewer opportunities to join friendly groups in our community. 

Limited social interaction can have a negative effect on both our physical and mental health. Public Health England reveals that social isolation amongst elderly communities can:

  • increase the risk of repeat hospital admissions
  • increase vulnerability to stroke and heart failure
  • increase the risk of depression and other mental health disorders
  • increase the risk of mortality

Staying Healthy and Promoting Home Independence
Staying fit and healthy is an important part of maintaining good mental and physical fitness at any age. If a customer has an interest and ability to participate in local activities, our care workers are able to support them and be involved as part of the homecare plan. Or perhaps a customer may want support to do some simple activities at home.

Benefits of Physical Activity
Engaging in a healthy active lifestyle helps stimulate the brain and assists in staying independent. It can also be immensely enjoyable.

Some of the specific benefits of physical activity are:

  • Reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases;
  • Aids in the management of active problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol;
  • Improves the ability to function and stay independent in cases where people have lung disease or arthritis;
  • Reduces symptoms of depression and pain; and
  • Improves balance and prevents falls.

Benefits of Mental Activity
Taking part in regular mental activities is essential to maintaining cognitive skills and prevent memory loss.

Some of the specific benefits of mental activity are:

  • Improve mental health 
  • Combating loneliness 
  • Enhancing quality of life
  • Encourage brain activity
  • Improving social life

We encourage and support our customers to take part in simple, healthy activities, which may include something as basic as walking or dancing. Of course, participation in any activity will depend on the customer’s choice and abilities. A member of our team will discuss your preferences with you as part of your tailored homecare and support plan. 

To help us deliver our Wellbeing programmes, we're looking for volunteers. We have volunteering opportunities available for our Totton Wellbeing sessions and our New Forest Carer's Cafe. If you can spare a few hours on a Wednesday or Thursday and would like to spend your time working with the elderly to improve their social lives and cognitive ability, please get in contact. Register your interest by either calling us on 01590 678340 or on email newforest@bluebirdcare.co.uk.

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