Training at Bluebird Care Milton Keynes

Thursday 14th October 2021


Thursday 14th October 2021

Last Thursday some of our latest additions came in for training.
Here at Bluebird Care Milton Keynes we are passionate about
providing the best care possible, which means that our training
process has to match that. Our Care Manager Ninitha is diligent
when it comes to training and ensures that all of our carers are
confident in their knowledge and ability when going to provide


Our aim is to make your homecare experience not just good, but great! We
strive to do more than just meeting your physical needs and keeping you
safe. We want to provide a service that enriches your life and gives you the
fulfilment that you deserve.

​Whatever our age or medical condition we all seek a life that is enriched with meaning and purpose. This is vital to our emotional and mental well-being. It maintains our sense of who we are and our self-esteem. We go beyond the usual services that many homecare companies provide. We focus on what is important to you and how we can meet your spiritual, mind, body and familial needs. In order for our carers to be able to go into the homes of our customers and provide the highest quality care possible, they have to feel confident and be equipped with all necessary tools and knowledge.

About Homecare

Home care provides the extra support you need to keep you where
you want to be - at home. Domiciliary care services can provide a
helping hand with household chores, personal care, or a companionship
visit. All of our home care services are tailored around your needs and
it is a great way to stay at home instead of going to a residential care
home. Our domiciliary care services are not just here to support you at
home, but to support you to continue living your life, the way you want to.
We’re able to take you to doctors appointments, to the shops, to meet up
with your friends and family, to support you to live an independent life.

A key part of our homecare and support service is to get to know the unique
qualities and characteristics of each customer. We want to know about your
interests and hobbies and the experiences that light up your life.

We will then try and  match you with a home care assistant who shares
your interests. Being supported by someone who understands your passions
gives that extra encouragement to keep your mind stimulated and your heart