75 Anniversary of VE day

Published: 08/05/2020

VE day (victory in Europe day) marks the day towards the end of world war two when fighting against Nazi Germany came to an end in Europe. This year we are celebrating the 75th anniversary.

One of our customers, Monica, remembers this as a happy day where everyone was dancing, hugging, all coming together and relieved that it had finally come to an end. One of our supervisors, Lucy, wanted to interview Monica to share her happy memories of this day with everyone. Here is Monica’s lovely story.

I left school when I was 14/15 years old, there weren’t many jobs around, but I managed to get a job in a factory with a company called ‘Coopers’ in Newark on Trent.  I used to wear a gym tunic and a blouse and once I got to wear, I had to wear overalls. I made clothes for children using all sorts of different materials, even army blankets. We made anything and everything such as dresses, coats, trousers etc. I worked from 8am until 12pm, then had a break and went back at 1pm until 5pm. I worked there until I left to get married when I was 23 years old. After the war was over, materials started coming in and we started to make house coats, which we now of course call dressing gowns. I remember stitching up buttons for Princess Marina, who was later known as the Duchess of Kent!

Monica was asked ‘Do you remember VE day?’ and her response was, oh gosh did I! I was at work, and all the machines got switched off and they said, ‘Peace has been declared, the war has finished’. Everyone was hugging each other, even the bosses! They let us all go home and said we did not need to come in tomorrow. Everybody was just so so happy.

That evening it was announced that there would be a party on the market square, I asked my parents if I could go and celebrate, they were a bit hesitant at first as I was only 18, but they eventually decided I was allowed to go. So, I went, and it was brilliant, the town hall was lit up, lights came on everywhere. The blackouts came down, music blared. It did not matter who you were, everyone came together. Businessmen, doctors, my school master was even there. We danced, sung all sorts of songs like wish me luck as you wave me goodbye, we’ll meet again, it’s a long way to Tipperary. Even now those songs bring back all the wonderful memories of that night and I can just picture it in my head.

 I had younger sisters that couldn’t so they couldn’t go and my older sister was much more serious than I was so she didn’t go either but however, I stayed as late as I could until I thought I’m going to get into trouble if I do not go home soon. I did go home, and I was very very late, and I did get into trouble. I was known as the rebel of family but also the sunshine of the family!


We thanked Monica for sharing her lovely story with everyone, and we hope that it reminds you of the happy days.


Monica wanted to share a quote which she lives by and says its always good to have it in the back of your mind.

“Keep your face always towards the sunshine, and the shadows will fall behind you”