Meet Our Manager Natasha Schneider

Published: 22/05/2019

We are so pleased to introduce the new care manager of Bluebird Care Chelmsford, Natasha Schneider.  Natasha has worked within the care industry for nearly 30 years and in this time has built up a considerable level of experience. Please click 'read more' to find put more about Natasha and her background. Natasha walks into the office every day with a smile. Her knowledge and experience means that she is always able to deal with any situation efficently and appropriately.George Tutton - Care Coordinator

Natasha Joined the Bluebird Care team at the beginning of 2018.
Having worked in the care industry since the young age of 16, Natasha's experience is broad and in great depth.

Growing up Natasha spent a lot of time with her Nan who was a nurse.
Natasha was interested and intrigued by the work her nan participated in on a daily basis and knew that when she entered the world of work she would want to do something similar. With that in mind at 16, Natasha applied to a local nursing home for a 'summer job'. After spending her summer helping the elderly with their daily routines she knew her future career would be in the care industry.
Since then, Natasha has progressed from care assistant, to supervisor, to manager, and then onto help set up a care service to support young disabled children, where she was promoted to county manager of the Essex region.

As well as gaining a wealth of experience in this time Natasha also achieved her A1 Assessors award, QCF Level 5 in Child and Adult management, as well as completing her care certificate.

In her many years of experience Natasha has developed acute listening skills and is considered an honest and approachable individual. These qualities allow Natasha to deal with any challenging situation professionally and appropriately.

Despite working in the care industry for the majority of her life, Natasha says the most enjoyable aspect of coming to work is knowing that no matter what the situation or how unpredictable the day may be she knows her team will pull through and work to achieve the best possible outcome.
Whatever my customer base, they have always been able to teach me so much more than I could ever teach them.
That is why care makes me a happy and positive person, and ready to listen whatever the situation