A Career With Real Progression

Published: 14/12/2017

​Clem joined us in April 2012 and is our oldest serving carer to date. Clem has recently completed her Bachelor of Science in Health & Social Care. Clem started off as a carer, senior Carer and has recently progressed along her career pathway and has been promoted to Admin Assistant in our Bluebird Care Office.

So Clem, how did you find out about Bluebird Care? 
I was looking for a job, one that could give me flexible hours. I went on the internet and found Bluebird Care in Brentwood. I emailed them even though they were not advertising about any vacancies. I had a prompt reply back inviting me for an interview and the rest is history. I was impressed by the friendly office team and was really looking forward to starting my career with Bluebird Care.
Was that the reason why you choose Bluebird Care?
Yes, as I needed a job that was flexible and would fit around my family as I have young children. Bluebird Care offered me flexible working hours. I also liked their friendly approach and wanted to be part of their team.
So what have you learnt so far?
I have completed my Train the Trainer in medication, completed my Degree and worked alongside Jo/Michelle and Lucy learning all about coordinating and the new Pass system.

Where do you see your career in 3 years’ time within Bluebird Care?
I would like to see myself progress to Trainee Manager and then maybe manager as I really do enjoy being part of the Bluebird Care Team. I feel fully supported and appreciated. They are a great company to work for.
What advice would you give to someone who is considering a career in Bluebird Care?
If you have a kind, compassionate and empathetic nature then this is the career for you. I would tell this to everyone that is considering working in care. I would recommend Bluebird Care as they offer flexible hours, plenty of support and a chance of career progression. It’s a great feeling being part of a great team!